Distinction Door Designer


The Distinction Door Designer is a tool that the customer can use to design their own Distinction Door; A product that Dempsey Dyer have to offer, that compliments the 2500 and 2800 Composite Door Series. With a variety of different styles, colours and glass options to choose from, this tool is an accurate representation of what we have to offer.

Once a door has been designed using the Door Designer tool, the design will then be sent to our Sales department, where they will promptly contact you with a quote of the door you have designed.

In Distinction Doors own words “Our range of colours, styles and glass options will make your door truly unique and by ensuring that we perfectly match the colour, wood grain and moulding on the glazing cassettes, you can guarantee a flawless finish.

All of our Distinction Glass designs complement our door styles and colours and are triple glazed and laminated as standard for extra security and energy efficiency.”

If you would like to design your own  Distinction Door please click on the following link:


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