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Environmental Policy

Our objective is to create a climate of excellence not only our products and/or services, but also for our employees, persons affected by our activities and the environment. In order to achieve this, the following policy has been established.

We will manage our activities to minimise wherever practicable their effect on the environment. In this we are committed at all levels and within all functions of the organisation to continual improvement. We recognise that this will only be achieved through regular monitoring of our environmental performance against objectives regulated by a committed management system.

Our environmental policy commits the organisation at all levels to ensure that we:

  1. Comply with and where practical exceed all relevant legislation, which is linked to our activities.
  2. Reduce unnecessary use of materials and energy. Reduce to a minimum the environmental effect on all future developments.
  3. Reduce waste to the lowest tractable level and reduce environmental effects on future developments.
  4. Train and educate all employees on environment practice and matters that could cause harm to the environment.
  5. The company maintains that a primary part of its corporate environmental strategy is sustainable waste management and as such recognizes its responsibilities to recycle materials wherever possible.”
  6. We will work with our suppliers to ensure they recognize and reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation.
  7. Through coordinating route planning and delivery schedules this company seeks to realize the dual benefits of reduced fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions.
  8. Look to only use services and products from a third party company that can be handled, used, stored and disposed of in a manner that does not affect the environment.
  9. Review this policy in the light of new legislation or public concerned.

Craig Worley

30th April 2012