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Timber Conservatories

Our timber conservatories utilise all the benefits of our range of timber windows and doors and encompasses them together to make a conservatory of outstanding beauty.


The below features detail our range of high performance timber conservatory solutions.


  • All our conservatory designs are carefully developed with an emphasis on durability by design, sound structure and aesthetics. This has led us to believe that our conservatories are the most desirable timber conservatories available on the market today.

Roof System:

  • Two unique roof systems are available for use on both our timber conservatory range. The most commonly utilised is our system which includes solid timber rafters, ring beam and eaves beam complete with external aluminium cappings and internal finishing trims. We provide full structural calculations to determine rafter dimensions ensuring long-term performance.
  • The second system replaces the timber structure with an aluminium structure maintaining internal aesthetics by using timber finishing trims. The roof is maintenance free with the exception of the solid timber ridge (which can be lead capped if required).

3D CAD Service:

  • We offer a complete CAD service for our wooden conservatories where reports can be tailored specifically to your project. This system is utilised to ensure all parties involved with the project are clear as to what is to be manufactured. This process removes the element of doubt in what can be a very expensive product.

Structural Advice:

  • Our conservatories are constructed within design parameters agreed with our structural engineers. We can supply full sets of calculations for building control for specific projects although there is a charge for this service. We request details of post code and orientation and whether the proposed site is subject to severe weather exposure so that we can advise on design.
timber conservatories

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