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Cookie Information

Our website makes use of cookies. The term cookie refers to a small file that's loaded onto your computer as a result of visiting certain websites. Nearly all websites make use of cookies to provide functionality to users and to track user behaviour for analytical purposes. This page is dedicated to providing accurate information on the cookies our website uses so you can make an informed decision on what to do with cookies from our website.

Performance Cookies

The below table provides information on the performance cookies our website uses in order to deliver content to the visitor.

System string_value 1st Party (Dempsey Dyer Ltd) Visitor Session Control A visitor session control cookie generated during any page load by the content management system we use. Its purpose is to provide various functionality and is deemed a necessary or performance cookie. Browser Session
System string_value 1st Party (Dempsey Dyer Ltd) Admin Session Control An admin session control cookie generated during a page load of any administrative area by the content management system we use. Its purpose is to provide various functionality and is deemed a necessary or performance cookie. Browser Session
System jpanesliders_* 1st Party (Dempsey Dyer Ltd) Slideshow Functionality A number of cookies with the prefix "jpanesliders_" are created when a user views a webpage that features a slideshow. The software we use for our slideshow has to create these cookies in order for it to function correctly and therefore they are deemed to be performance cookies. Browser Session

Please Note: The term string_value refers to a string of randomly generated characters and therefore does not have a specific name. You should be able to identify the above strings by process of elimination.

Functional Cookies

The below table provides information on the functional cookies our website uses and the purpose of each cookie. These are used to collect analytical data on how visitors find and use our website or for the delivery of external content through our website and therefore are considered functional for the effective operation and continuity of our website.

Analytics _utma 3rd Party (Google) Identifies Unique Visitors Assigns a cookie with a unique ID to identify your browser as a unique visitor. Subsequent visits via the same browser are then recorded as belonging to the same unique visitor. 2 Years
Analytics _utmb 3rd Party (Google) Determines Visitor Session Used to establish and continue a user session. When a user views a page, the analytics code attempts to update this cookie. If the cookie is missing then a new one is written resulting in a new session been established. This cookie updates to expire in 30 minutes after each subsequent page load, thus continuing the single user session providing there is page load activity every 30 minutes or less. It may also be set by other 3rd parties. 0.5 Hours
Analytics _utmc 3rd Party (Google) Determines Visitor Session Legacy cookie that was historically used in conjunction with _utmb to establish a session. If either cookie was absent then further activity by the user initiated the start of a new session. This cookie is only used for backwards compatibility reasons with older website. It may also be set by other 3rd parties. Browser Session
Analytics _utmz 3rd Party (Google) Tracks Traffic Sources & Navigation Used for storing referral information when a visitor enters a website. This cookie then gets updated with each subsequent page view and is used to track visitor navigation within a site. It may also be set by other 3rd parties.  6 Months
Analytics _utmv 3rd Party (Google) Set & Transfer Variables This cookie is used to set and transfer custom variable information to a Google Analytics server. It may also be set by other 3rd parties. 2 Years
Social Media guest_id 3rd Party (Twitter) Enables Twitter Feed Our website features a live feed to our twitter account and the guest_id cookie is used to allow your web browser to remember the guest id which links Twitter moduels on our website to the feed data from Twitter itself. 2 Years
Social Media _twitter_sess 3rd Party (Twitter) Twitter Session Cookie This cookie is loaded on to your computer when you view a page on our website that features the Dempsey Dyer twitter feed. It's used to provide a session for your browser and is deemed a functional cookie. Browser Session
Social Media original_referer 3rd Party (Twitter) Twitter Referal Cookie This cookie is used to record referal information when interactions are made with the Twitter modules contained on our website. Browser Session
Social Media k 3rd Party (Twitter) Twitter Tweeter Cookie This cookie is loaded when the "tweeter" button contained in a variety of Twitter modules is loaded on a webpage. 1 Week
Cookie Acceptance civicAllowCookies 1st Party (Dempsey Dyer Ltd) Remembers Cookie Acceptance When you visit our website for the first time, a notification is placed at the bottom left of our website informing you our website has loaded cookies onto your computer. There is a slider to turn cookies on/off. This cookie remembers your choice and is used to control whether or not cookies are allowed. 2 Years

Important: The lifespan of some of the above cookies will refresh during each visit to our website. For example, if _utma is loaded onto your computer today, it will expire 2 years from today's date, however, should you re-visit our website in a years time for example and the cookie is still present on your computer then its expiry date will be refreshed to be 2 years from that point in time.

Targeting Cookies

We currently do not use any targeting cookies. Targeting cookies are often used to serve more targeted advertisements to website visitors as a result of their interactions with the website they are visiting or past interactions with websites that use similar advertising services.

How To Delete Cookies

Should you wish to restrict or block the cookies set by this or any other website, you can achieve this by altering your browser settings. Your browsers help system should provide details on this process. Please be aware that restricting/blocking cookies may have a detrimental effect on the viewing experience of some websites.

Why Are We Doing This? - EU Cookie Law

On the 26th May 2012, a new law dubbed the "EU Cookie Law" came into effect that requires any website run by an EU company or individual to comply with a set of guidelines that aim to protect the privacy of website users. This means that all cookies that aren't deemed as strictly necessary to the operation of the site must have first been approved for use by each website visitor.

Websites have been using cookies for years and many see the new law as a hindrance to the effective operation of a website. Regardless of this, Dempsey Dyer has taken the necessary steps to come into compliance with the new law. This means that upon your first visit to our website you will notice a message requesting your permission for our website to place cookies on your computer. If you accept then cookies listed in the "Functional & Targeting Cookies" section of this page will be loaded. Cookies listed in the "Performance Cookies" section are deemed necessary for our website to operate correctly and as a result are exempt from the new law.


Whilst our aim is to provide comprehensive information on the cookies our website uses, there may be occasions where 3rd party organisations change aspects of their existing cookies or include additional cookies to be delivered as a result of visiting our website. This could potentially be done with no prior warning to Dempsey Dyer Ltd and therefore it may take several weeks or months before we notice the change and are able to update our cookie policy accordingly. Should you notice a discrepancy between the cookie listings on this page and the actual cookies that are delivered to your computer then please feel free to notify us so that we can make the necessary changes.