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UPVC Bead Options

Available are five different bead options for use on our UPVC windows, doors and conservatories. See the table below for details of each of our available beading options including the availability of each bead on various profile systems.

Standard Bead A bullnose round bead.

2500 Series Chamfered

standard bead
Contemporary Bead Complete with subtle lines offering minor decorative detail.

2500 Series Chamfered

contemporary bead
Decorative Bead The most decorative option available on our 2500 series.

2500 Series Chamfered

decorative bead
Chamfered Bead A chamfer which on the 2500 series creates a symmetrical product.

2500 Series Chamfered

chamfered bead
2800 Series Decorative Bead Decorative bead which on the 2800 series creates a symmetrical product.

2800 Series Decorative

2800 bead