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Timber Conservatories

Our in-house manufactured timber conservatories utilise all the benefits of our timber windows and doors. This includes durability and aesthetics – features that come together with bespoke conservatory structures to offer impressive style and performance.
  • Choice of timber or aluminium roof
  • Innovative timber sash options
  • Emphasise durability, sound structure and aesthetics
  • Structural advice service available
  • Premium ironmongery available
  • Security guarantee on MACO locking hardware
When you choose Dempsey Dyer for your timber conservatory supply, rest assured that you will receive a superior product to install for your valued customers. Our modern wooden conservatories are carefully crafted to meet customers' needs and exceed their expectations for an expanded living space that is built to last. Providing countless improvements to the style and performance of any home, our conservatories are the ideal solution.
Bespoke timber conservatory
White timber conservatory
White UPVC conservatory close-up
Internal shot of a timber conservatory

Conservatory systems that will appeal to all homeowners

Our timber conservatories are fitted with a high quality roof system as standard. Our roof design includes solid timber rafters, ring beam and eaves and comes complete with external aluminium cappings and internal finishing trims for added durability.

Why choose our timber conservatories?

  • Range of specifications and stylistic demands met
  • Variety of translucent and opaque finishing options
  • Four innovative timber sash options (from single to 24mm glazing)
  • Structural advice service available
  • Security guarantee on any MACO locking hardware
  • Choice of three timber species
  • Choose from traditional or contemporary Fab & Fix hardware, Croft hardware or ‘From the Anvil’ ironmongery

Wooden conservatories are soaring in popularity for homeowners looking for an effective way to enhance their living space to broaden the style and appeal of their property. Our bespoke timber conservatories are highly customisable so your customers can be sure that they receive the expansion to their home that they are looking for, precision-engineered for them when you choose Dempsey Dyer.


Timber Species

Entice end users with options for timber species

Whichever species of timber you and your clients prefer, we use only the most innovative materials – and those that offer style and function. Our timber conservatories are created exactly the way you and your customers need them to.

Wooden conservatories are highly desirable for their style and performance. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide range of timber species to suit your needs.

Accoya timber conservatory species


Accoya is a high performance, modified timber made from sustainably sourced softwood. Its durability is labelled as ‘Class 1’, the highest level of durability for timber. This species is suitable for both windows and doors.
Read more about Accoya

Sapele timber wooden conservatory supply


Suitable for both windows and doors, Sapele is a common hardwood sourced from West Africa and the Cameroon, Sapele achieves a ‘Class 3’ durability classification, making it ‘moderately durable’.

European Oak species supply timber conservatories

European Oak

European Oak features an attractive grain and we source this through an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) This species has a ‘Class 2’ durability classification and is suitable for both windows and doors.

Sash Styles

Create a traditional look with four sash options

Not only do we offer one of the broadest timber product ranges in the industry, we also provide aesthetic choices in terms of sash design. With four unique and innovative sash options, clients are able to meet specifications and choose a wooden conservatory design that also meets their personal needs.

They all are based around the traditional timber design of ‘putty-line’ external and ‘ovolo’ internal mouldings. This ensures that you can pass on flexibility with our timber casement supply.

Mayfield timber conservatory styles

Mayfield: 24mm IGU

May eld’s modern design is available with or without astragal bars, and in conjunction with the astragal bar option an interbar creates the appearance of single glazing.

wooden conservatory styles

Amberley: 20mm IGU

The moulding on Amberley is based on traditional timber putty-line external and internal moulding details. This style is available with or without astragal bars.

Petworth supply conservatory designs

Petworth: 16mm IGU

As energy efficient as a 24mm unit, Petworth is a double glazed sash which gives the appearance of single glazing.

Ebernoe modern wooden conservatories

Ebernoe: 4-10mm Single Glazed

Ebernoe is ideal for conservation areas where maintaining original aesthetics is extremely important as it uses traditional putty glazing techniques.


Coloured windows and doors Chartwell green colour timber conservatoryPreserve and protect your timber conservatory with colour

Our timber conservatory products are available in a range of translucent and opaque finishes. We offer most colour options but we have our own standard colour range. Our wooden conservatory colours may appear slightly different on the various species of wood so we would recommend requesting a sample.

Translucent finishes preserve the natural beauty of your timber conservatory windows while opaque resembles the traditional colouring of the past. It is this distinctive classic wooden conservatory aesthetic that makes them highly desirable for your customers.

With opaque finishes, all RAL colours are available, giving an almost unlimited choice when it comes to personalising or matching to existing windows. You’ll be able to offer bespoke designs for modern and traditional properties alike with our customisable timber conservatories.

Our paint system also protects the wood from harmful ultra-violet rays and from water ingress thanks to its microporous structure, which allows excess moisture to escape. Our paint is also flexible meaning it can expand and contract naturally with the timber. This makes our wooden conservatories are high performance as they are stylish for total peace of mind.

Design by Durability

wooden conservatory manufacture supply timber conservatory supply manufactureProfessional design and finishing process

To ensure you’re getting the best products, our range of windows and doors for your timber conservatory are designed with sustainability and durability in mind. We have full control from start to finish to create beautiful timber products every time. The timber we use in our wooden conservatories has exceptional performance due to a minimum 7” slope which ensures water runs off easily. Any moisture easily drains out due to the ventilation and drainage beads present in all bottom glazing rebates.

We only source timber with a low moisture content which prevents movement and micro porous paint ensures a high-quality finish while still letting the timber breathe. This ensures the longevity of our timber products, including our modern timber conservatories. All the critical joints have a v-joint sealant which ensures further protection from moisture.

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