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Here at Dempsey Dyer we manufacture and supply a large selection of high performance windows available in uPVC, aluminium, timber and timber effect materials.
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A range of handcrafted, intelligently designed timber windows.
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uPVC windows that have the appearance of timber windows.
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High performance, energy effiicient uPVC windows.
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Highly durable aluminium windows using the Reynaers system.

Enhance your home with our high performance windows

Wanting to offer the widest selection of windows as possible, here at Dempsey Dyer we have timber, timber effect, uPVC and aluminium windows available. Benefit from the latest uPVC designs from Deceuninck, the innovative Reynaers aluminium window system, various timber species, and our in-house developed Beaumont timber effect range.

In addition to our variety of materials, we offer our windows in a wide range of styles. This includes uPVC casements and tilt and turn windows, timber stormproof and box sashes, and timber effect casements from our Beaumont Range. All styles boast impressive energy efficiency, style, ease of maintenance and security. Explore the individual product sections to find out more.

Why choose Dempsey Dyer windows

Timber Windows

Timber flush sash window

Timber Flush Sash Casement

Retaining the original design of timber windows, our flush sash casement windows provide an appealing aesthetic that perfectly blends in with any home.

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Timber mock sliding sash window

Timber Mock Sliding Sash

With the same features and effectiveness of our traditional timber stormproof casement windows, these resemble traditional sliding sash windows without a movable pane.

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Timber stormproof window

Timber Stormproof

Our standard timber casement windows, these are perfectly designed for homes in more challenging environments. These windows have an attractive exterior while still weatherproofing the home.

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Timber sliding sash window with spiral balances

Timber Sliding Sash

Our trade supply of timber sliding sash windows enables you to meet all specifications. Our range includes box sashes with spiral balances and styles with weights and pulleys.

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Timber Look Windows

Timber look flush sash window

Timber Look Flush Sash Casement

With an authentic design, our timber look flush sash style is a beautiful addition to your product range.

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Timber look mock sliding sash window

Timber Look Mock Sliding Sash

With the appearance of a traditional sliding window, our mock sliding sash range are a charming choice for those still wanting the casement style.

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Timber Look stormproof window

Timber Look Stormproof

Perfect for homes that are exposed to harsher weather, our stormproof casement windows add elegance to any home.

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UPVC Windows

uPVC flush sash window

UPVC Flush Sash Casement

The smooth aesthetic of our uPVC flush sash windows makes them suitable for traditional and modern homes alike. The high performance of uPVC combines with a beautiful style that resembles original 19th century windows.

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uPVC mock sliding sash window

UPVC Mock Sliding Sash

With the popular look of a sliding sash style, our mock uPVC sash windows combine elegance with low maintenance and high performance very time.

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uPVC stormproof window

UPVC Stormproof

Our standard uPVC casement option, offering exceptional performance in all weather conditions. Suitable for any style of home.

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White uPVC tilt and turn window

UPVC Tilt & Turn

This flexibility makes the windows ideal for high rise properties, or any home that has more than one storey. You will be able to target families and homes prone to damp by promising enhanced safety and ventilation.

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Aluminium Windows

Aluminium casement window

Aluminium Casement

The smooth contemporary aesthetic of our aluminium casement windows makes them suitable for modern homes and extensions alike. The high performance aluminium system we use combines thermal and acoustic performance with high security and durability.

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Aluminium tilt and turn window

Aluminium Tilt & Turn

Our Aluminium tilt and turns are ideal for high rise properties, or any home that has more than one storey. You will be able to target families and homes prone to damp by promising enhanced safety and ventilation.

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If you want to know more about our products, processes and accreditations, fortunately we offer a range of downloads. Download a range of literature free of charge, to refer to in your own time.

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Installers and other businesses can only work effectively if they have a reliable trade supply service – offering the highest performing products. Luckily, here at Dempsey Dyer we only supply the latest options from market leaders. This guarantees quality, performance and durability – regardless of the product choice.

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