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Accoya – The Finest Timber Products

15 April 2023


At Dempsey Dyer, we are specialists in supplying and installing timber windows for the trade.  Accoya is one of the most popular choices for our customers. But what is it and how is it made? Read on to find out more.

What Is Accoya?

Accoya is a modified timber, created through a process of acetylation. This process involves the treatment of the timber with acetic anhydride, ensuring it is incredibly durable, harder than teak and remains stable over many years.  The timber is rot and insect proof meaning it can be used for exterior properties.  as well as being environmentally friendly in comparison to other timber alternatives available.  Unlike conventionally treated timbers, no harmful preservatives are used.

Accoya is durable, which makes it strong against tough conditions.  For example, it can be used in windows, doors, cladding, decking and furniture. Furthermore, the stability of the product ensures that it is resistant to shrinking, swelling and warping, so it is ideal for your customers.

How is Accoya Manufactured?

When it comes to manufacturing, Accoya wood is treated delicately. The process begins with carefully selecting the right timber species. The timber is then subjected to a proprietary acetylation process where its chemical makeup is altered. This improves the woods’ stability, making it durable and reliable for your customer. Finally, the finished product is inspected to ensure the highest standards are met.

The timber is then conditioned to reach an optimal moisture content before undergoing acetylation. This process takes up to a week and is done under very precise conditions and temperatures. Finally, the timber is dried, sanded to remove any imperfections and well coated with a protective finish. As can be seen from the above, Accoya is a superior quality engineered timber product that offers numerous benefits for many different applications. It is durable, environmentally friendly, and can deliver superior results for a variety of projects. The manufacturing process ensures the product is of high quality, delivering a reliable and cohesive product that is suitable for both external and internal use.

The process of acetylation creates a range of beneficial properties, such as increased dimensional stability, improved rot and insect resistance, and higher fire-resistance. These attributes allow Accoya to be used in a wide variety of applications, including decking, exterior cladding, fencing, and joinery projects. Moreover, Accoya is certified as ‘sustainable’ by the Forest Stewardship Council, ensuring that it has been produced in a responsible and ecologically friendly manner.

Accoya Can Be Used in Challenging Environments

As a result of its superior features and durability, Accoya is used in all sorts of challenging environments, such as exposed coastal locations. The product also offers superior thermal performance, proving higher insulation levels and energy efficiency than conventional timber products. It’s also non-toxic and non-allergenic, making it an ideal choice for interior use, such as furnishings, bed frames, and cabinets.


Accoya Is Useful for Bespoke and Sustainable  Products

Let your customer know that Accoya can be used for bespoke products too. This consists of intricate carvings and sculptures. The product retains its vibrant colour after years of exposure to the elements, making it perfectly suited for highly visible and prestige projects.
It is thermally efficient, keeping natural heat inside your home.

Accoya wood gives your customers’ property an attractive appearance as it retains the woods’ natural beauty. What’s more, another unique selling point is that it can be used in a variety of colours and finishes.

Accoya is also useful for sustainable products. The product is made up of residues from the food industry, which means that the timber helps to reduce waste and lower emissions from production processes. Furthermore, Accoya has a significantly higher energy efficiency than other wood products, ensuring that its environmental footprint is much smaller.


We hope that this article has helped you understand how Accoya will enhance your customers’ home.

Accoya is a revolutionary and environmentally friendly wood composite produced using a unique process that offers a range of beneficial properties. It is extremely strong, exceptionally stable, and highly fire-resistant, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Moreover, this product is sustainable and has a significantly higher energy efficiency than other timber products.

If you have any questions about Accoya, get in touch with our friendly team by filling out our online contact form or calling us on 01977 649641. We will offer tailored advice bespoke to you.


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