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How Aluminium Windows Have Become More Thermally Efficient

21 February 2023

With energy efficiency at the forefront of everyone’s minds no matter where they are in the journey – from manufacturers and tradespeople to homeowners – it’s only right that there is a lot of discussion around which type of windows and doors are the most thermally efficient.

One of the most popular types of windows at the moment is aluminium. This material offers a distinctive, striking aesthetic that is ideal for modern homes looking to retain their up to date appeal or even traditional homes looking to bring themselves up to date.

But how does aluminium compare to timber and uPVC as an energy efficient window? It’s one of the products we offer here at Dempsey Dyer, and thermal efficiency is highly important to us, so we want to make sure our installers and homeowners stay educated about its properties to make an informed decision. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on aluminium windows’ thermal efficiency. Read on to find out more.

Older Aluminium Windows

Several years ago, aluminium windows were not thought to be one of the most energy efficient options on the window market. That’s because, as a material, aluminium has high levels of heat transference. So, once installed, when customers would heat the inside of their homes, the windows would absorb this heat – and its transference properties would pass the warmth to the outside world, so it was lost.

From an energy efficiency perspective, this is far from ideal. If homeowners are spending money and energy heating their homes, the last thing they want is for it to escape – what’s more, frustratingly, with the help of their windows, rather than them stopping it. This leads to lost heat and therefore lost money.

Additionally, aluminium windows’ thermal transference properties led to them expanding in heat. With the profiles changing along with the temperature, the window seals would become damaged, leading to condensation, which is as unsightly as it is unhealthy. Older aluminium windows could even break away from the glass as a result of this expansion, which only exacerbated the issue of them losing heat too!

However, this changed with the development and popularity of a thermal break for aluminium windows.

Thermal Breaks – Explained

A thermal break is what has made aluminium windows more viable and more popular as a result. So what is a thermal break? For those who are not aware of what it is or perhaps more likely how it works – put simply, a thermal break separates the inside of the outside from the window.

This means that when one side of the window becomes too hot, there is an extra layer in between that stops the same thing from happening on the other. It’s the same case for the cold, too.

A thermal break is an excellent addition to aluminium windows. With this in place, it reduces the issues that these profiles were facing previously – condensation and heat transference, and therefore extra expensive for customers in all cases. Now, with a thermal break, aluminium windows are as modern in their performance as they are in their aesthetics.

Modern Aluminium Windows from Dempsey Dyer

Here at Dempsey Dyer, we are at the forefront of development in the fenestration manufacturing sector. Our timber, uPVC and aluminium windows and doors perform expertly, with a range of options available, making them ideal for modern homes or even traditional properties looking for a modernisation.

Aluminium windows are thermally broken to ensure they limit condensation and lost heat. This means they will stay looking at performing at their best for longer, so homeowners can be sure that they have made the right investment financially and ecologically.

Sustainability and thermal efficiency are hot topics, which is why we’re keen to inform our customers about aluminium windows and how they relate to this. With energy efficient glass and profiles manufactured with thermal properties in mind, homeowners will be sure to save money on their bills and be proud of their investment.

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