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Orangeries, What are They?


Orangeries, what are they? In layman’s terms, orangeries are extensions for properties, much like how conservatories are. But what makes them different from conservatories, or any other extension for that matter? Conservatories are usually structures comprising of glazing and a uPVC frame, whereas orangeries (also known as a sunroom) often sports a solid roof and walls usually made from brickwork. Orangeries are considered not only sturdier than conservatories but tend to also be better at retaining heat too.

Our orangeries give you the best of both worlds. We offer large, glazed openings that are often associated with conservatories whilst still sporting the solid brick layers that you love and know. Our orangery extensions are highly versatile, meaning that they are extremely customisable, as we offer bespoke orangeries for our valued customers, who can choose from style, configuration and finishes to create an entirely bespoke orangery that is completely tailored to your personal interests and specifications.

Such customisable options include our four beading options to help make your uPVC windows inside your orangery feel that much more personal to the homeowner. Or our range of bespoke timber options for a rustic and traditional look and feel, which is also extremely suitable for conservation areas. We also offer a variety of colours available to our uPVC orangeries, from the Standard, Woodgrain, Decoroc and OmniRal collections. This includes traditional whites, authentic woodgrains, matt finishes and durable Deceuninck options.

We also offer orangery extensions that are incredibly thermally efficient. This means that our orangeries have been expertly designed to trap and retain the natural heat inside your home. This prevents needless heat loss from escaping through your windows, meaning that your interior will remain at a consistently comfortable temperature, which can be especially helpful during the colder seasons. Homeowners will also find such a feature as a worthwhile investment, as our orangeries not only insulate the natural heat but they also circumvent the need to switch on the central heating. Save money on the energy bill as you enjoy your new orangery extension.

Our orangeries also provide a security guarantee for homeowners and their loved ones who want to feel safe and secure inside their own homes. Secure by Design accredited, we here at Dempsey Dyer know what it takes to make sure your home security is elevated. Our orangery extensions are no different when it comes to providing a secure defence against any would-be home invaders. We utilise MACO locking hardware that will prove to be a difficult obstacle for anyone without the key to the property. On top of the already sturdy profile of our orangeries, we also offer uPVC profiles for our extensions, meaning they are both resistant to human invaders and the weather. Enjoy an orangery extension with a substantial lifespan as it resists heavy rain and strong winds as you rest inside comfortably and safely.

Orangeries, what are they? Orangeries are a home extension that comprises of brickwork foundation and a solid roof and are often compared to conservatories. Our orangery extensions stand out from the crowd with our incredible customisable options, thermal performance and immense security. To find out more about our orangeries, why not try our free quoting engine or gives us a call.

Contemporary Aluminium Windows

Why pick contemporary aluminium windows? Here at Dempsey Dyer, we believe that modern aluminium windows are a perfect fit for more contemporary homes, buildings and extensions alike, both aesthetically and functionally. Sleek and thin, these contemporary aluminium windows can fit into any modern home, or even make more traditional homes feel just a little bit more new. They don’t just look modern, they perform modern. With a range of benefits that will improve your home life such as high thermal efficiency and acoustic insulation.

Style-wise, contemporary aluminium windows are unbeaten. With sleek frames such as our Slimline Aluminium Windows, sporting a slim and refined aesthetic. Minimalistic and thin, they take up less space and can fit into any home whilst making them look and feel modern. Choose from our many styles such as Bi-Fold, French and Sliding Patio to suit all tastes. They also come in a range of RAL colours, allowing you for the full reign to customise your modern aluminium windows however you like. Utilise our dual colour options that allow the functionality to select different internal and external shades. With Dempsey Dyer, the design possibilities are endless. Our contemporary aluminium windows are also powder-coated, providing a high-quality finish.

To further make your contemporary aluminium window feel bespoke to you, we also offer high-quality, premium hardware options to make your window truly yours. Our trade supply of Reynaers aluminium windows also come with their standard Elementary handles (F and FF). We also offer a range of Fab & Fix which have been tested for use thousands of times. Our handles come in a range of available colours, such as antique Black, Gold, Chrome, Satin and even Bronze. This range is high performing and offers high security as standard. Receive smooth performance across thousands of uses over many years.

Performance-wise, our contemporary aluminium windows are thermally efficient, allowing for a warmer home without the need to switch on the central heating. Incur less cost on the heating bill with our modern aluminium windows. No longer will you have to choose between style and function, as you can enjoy both with us. Our windows are capable of trapping and retaining heat inside, meaning your home stays warmer. This is further elevated with our range of double glazing options. Our double glazed profiles reach u-values as low as ÂĽ W/m2K and receive an energy rating of A. We also offer triple glazing options for our modern contemporary windows which reaches u-values as low as 1.0 W/m2K and receive an amazing energy rating of A++. Our energy efficient glazing options can also be decorative, available in a range of styles that can beautify your contemporary aluminium window whilst improving the privacy of your home.

Aluminium windows using the Raynaers CS 77 profile.

Such styles include Stippolyte, Canterbury, Satin, Cotswold and Contoura. Leaded glass and astragal bars can also be incorporated into our bespoke aluminium windows to add some character to a modern home or emphasise a period property’s charm. We can also simulate any glazing specification with our windows, making it easy for you to make sure you’re happy with your choice.

Our modern aluminium windows also offer market-leading noise elimination. The system is flexible enough to allow for the inclusion of a glazed unit of up to 43mm thick which makes it possible to incorporate sophisticated acoustic glazing. This is perfect for those that live near busy roads, railways or airports. Enjoy a quieter interior as your contemporary aluminium window suppresses unnecessary sound.

A modern window requires modern security. We pride ourselves on the security of our contemporary aluminium windows. Along with both the double and triple glazing options, you will find that our modern aluminium windows are incredibly durable despite their slim and sleek appearance. Designed and tested to the most stringent security standards. They feature the latest security hardware such as hinge-side security brackets, multi-point locking mechanisms and lockable handles. Our windows meet the BSI PAS 24 standard and police initiative Secured By Design accredited. We intend to make sure our customers have a window they can rely upon. Increase the security of your property. People deserve to feel safe and secure inside their own homes, which is why we wholly recommend our contemporary aluminium windows.

Choose a modern window with modern benefits. Our contemporary aluminium windows are slim with a wide number of benefits to drastically improve the value, performance and comfort of any property it is installed in. Enjoy a secure, thermally efficient and overall stylish window that will elevate the aesthetic and performance of the building it is in. Contact us today to find out more, or even use our free quoting engine to see if our modern aluminium windows are for you.

Traditional Aluminium Front Doors

Looking for a traditional look with modern benefits? Perhaps a traditional aluminium front door is for you. Enjoy a high performance that boasts high security and a multitude of customisable options such as glazing and handles, all of which improve the thermal and security performance of your traditional aluminium front door. Enjoy the traditional style of your new front door, or perhaps spice it up a little? Our aluminium doors are accompanied with a powder coating, giving it that high-quality finish. Choose what look you want for your traditional aluminium front door with our wide selection of RAL colours to choose from. Opt for modern, muted shades or bright and bold colours to make a splash. Whichever you choose, our modern aluminium entrance doors will look and perform their best in any appearance without compromise.

In terms of style, it is very difficult to beat the classics. This is why we have decided to modernise the old, giving you the timeless aesthetic of a traditional door, with the benefits of a modern door. The best of both worlds. Enjoy that traditional look with a selection of our wooden samples such as Accoya, Sapele and European Oak. The timber is laminated, allowing for that beautiful wooden finish without the worry of warping or twisting out of shape or eventual rot due to ageing and weather. Our traditional aluminium front doors are built to last, no matter how traditional they may look.

Available in a range of translucent and opaque finishes. We offer most colour options, but we have our own standard colour range. We even offer samples to allow you to get the best idea of how your door will look. Translucent finishes preserve the natural beauty of your timber front door and windows while opaque resembles the traditional colouring of the past. Utilising our opaque finishes allows you to use our aforementioned RAL colour selection. Have an endless selection of customisable options at your disposal to allow for a truly bespoke door. Our paint system also protects the wood from harmful ultra-violet rays and from water ingress thanks to its microporous structure, which allows excess moisture to escape. Our paint is also flexible meaning it can expand and contract naturally with the timber, allowing you to offer a wooden front door installation that will stand the test of time.

Glazed timber entrance door

Our traditional aluminium front doors are also available in a variety of glazing options. Available in both double and triple glazing, we utilise our glazing for both decorative and thermal benefits. The thermal efficiency provided by the glazing makes these doors a worthwhile investment, thanks to their ability to trap and retain heat, keeping the interior warm and cosy. All this without the need to switch on the central heating, saving you money on the heating bill. Our glazing is also available in a range of styles such as Minster, Satin and Active Neutral, among many. Bring renewed kerb appeal along with improved privacy for your property.

Our traditional aluminium front doors also boast a range of robust and reliable hardware, with a variety of handles available. Colours include Antique Black, Graphite and Gold, among many others. Out your door with a handle to complement the traditional, albeit customised style of your bespoke product. PAS24 locking mechanisms are available to ensure security is a priority.

A key benefit of a traditional aluminium front door is not only the reinvented traditional look, but the invaluable home and building security it will no doubt provide. Designed to give you total peace of mind, our doors are built with security in mind. Incredibly durable and fitted with locking mechanisms, would-be intruders will find themselves intimidated by this immense barrier between you and them – so much so that PAS 24 security and Secured By Design accreditations are achieved. Invest in a traditional aluminium front door for the classic look and the modern strength and durability.

Our traditional aluminium front doors are a perfect choice for those who want the look of old, with the performance of the new. Enjoy a traditional look without any of the traditional setbacks. With a range of customisable options to help tailor your own door to your exact liking, ranging from colours, handles, finishes and glazing. Whilst benefiting from the performance of a modern door such as thermal efficiency and improved property security, all of which can prevent further unnecessary cost, whilst making home life easier and better. Contact us today to find out more about our traditional aluminium front doors or even use our free quoting engine to see for yourself.

What are Wood Effect Windows?

What are wood effect windows? To put it simply, wood effect windows are uPVC framed windows with the appearance of a timber frame. This means that although they appear wooden, they are in actuality built with a uPVC profile, which is an Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. This means that they are incredibly durable and sport significant life spans. They can weather the worst outdoor conditions and retain their gorgeous look without compromise.

White timber flush sash windowsYou can enjoy the traditional timber look without all the unnecessary upkeep or replacement cost. Wood effect windows allow you to enjoy the look of the old with the benefits of the new, such as thermal efficiency and property security.

Utilising the classic look and the durability of uPVC frames, wood effect doors can come in a variety of styles that are perfect for traditional or heritage homes, maintaining the aesthetic of the buildings. They are also a superb choice for those looking to add a traditional piece to their modern homes to emanate that classic feel. Such styles include:

  • Flush Sash: A minimalistic design outlined with beautiful timber frames that sport high-quality Deceuninck uPVC profiles. Available in a wide range of wood finishes such as Rosewood, Golden Oak, Nut Tree, Chartwell Green, Irish Oak and even Anthracite among many others. These options provide the appearance of natural wood, whilst maintaining the maintenance ease and lack of warping of uPVC. Our popular Heritage (H) shades are extremely durable and even allow a different colour on the interior frame. Our fast-track (F) colours are perfect if you need your flush sash timber look windows quicker.
  • Mock Sliding Sash: Enjoy this classical look marked by its cross-like framing that can add an authentic traditionalist aesthetic to any home. Using the Deceuninck 2800 decorative system we can offer attractive windows that replicate traditional timber with all the innovative advances of modern profiles. Also available in a wide range of wood finishes such as English Oak, Cream White, Heritage White and Black Ash, among many others. Achieve a customised, classic look of the mock sliding sash whilst enjoying the modern benefits.
  • Stormproof: Enhance your property with the panelled look of our Stormproof windows. Enjoy the ability to open multiple panels of the window to allow for maximal airflow without completely exposing your home, allowing for privacy also. Just like the aforementioned styles of wood effect windows, stormproof windows offer a wide range of customisable options to allow you to decide the look of your wood effect window. Utilise a combination of wood finishes to achieve a more unique, wooden look and feel such as Anthracite/Heritage White, Agate Grey/Heritage White and English Oak/Heritage White, among many others.

Our wood effect windows aren’t just available in a wide selection of wood finishes and styles, but they perform brilliantly also. Being thermally efficient, you can be sure our wood effect windows would be a worthwhile investment. Being registered with the BFRC under their window energy rating scheme and boasting an efficient energy rating of A through our Deceuninck profile, our wood effect windows intend to keep you warm. They achieve this through trapping and retaining the heat inside your property, keeping the interior toasty and cosy. This means you can save on the heating bill, as you won’t have to turn on the central heating, saving you money. This is also amplified through our glazing options, allowing ample sunlight to shine through, whilst keeping the heat in.

Timber Stormproof windows

Another key aspect of our wood effect windows’ performance is the invaluable security they provide to any property they are installed in. With patent-pending internally developed robust jointing mechanism – each corner and locking point meets 7KN in tests. We also utilise stainless steel corner bracket for extra integrity and shootbolt multipoint locking mechanisms. We do our utmost best and beyond to ensure that our wood effect windows not only look authentically classic but perform authentically modern. Feel safe and secure with our wood effect windows, as any would-be intruder is effortlessly foiled by the intimidating security of these windows.

Wood effect windows, to put it simply are uPVC windows with the appearance of timber-framed windows. In actuality, they are much more than that. Donning the timeless aesthetic of wooden windows, you get a window that is thermally efficient and improves your home security, being a worthwhile investment for any property looking to enhance its performance. On top of this, you can wholly customise your wood effect window without fear of having to maintain upkeep or worry about replacements, as the durability and lifespan allows you to enjoy a window that will not only look good but perform well. To find out more contact us today or use our free quoting engine!


Choosing the Right Window Manufacturer

How do you choose the best window manufacturer? If you run a double glazing business, it’s important to get the windows you offer to your customers right. You want to make sure they’re of the highest quality, come in a range of designs, are fully customisable for homeowners, won’t cost too much and are easy to order and acquire for your company.

Not a lot of things to worry about then! But it can often feel like some manufacturers don’t worry about them all. You might be paying too much for windows from some suppliers, or a trade partner’s designs won’t achieve the performance levels your customers are looking for. But, if any of those elements are missing, your business could suffer.

With Dempsey Dyer, though, you can choose the right window manufacturer. We offer high-quality windows in a series of styles and designs which are fully customisable for homeowners with low costs and a streamlined trade supply system. So, with all of those questions answered, how else can Dempsey Dyer help your window business grow?

window manufacturer

Window Manufacturer Product Range

As a window manufacturer, we know that homeowners all want different things. Because of this, we’ve made sure we can meet the needs of all of your customers. We offer a wide range of window designs for your business, and we can manufacture custom orders quickly and responsively. As a result, you could offer your customers bespoke windows in a range of designs!

We offer timber, uPVC, aluminium and even timber look windows, meaning you can offer more choice as a company. With our streamlined trade supply system, you can pick up your orders in less time and around your schedule rather than ours. Because of this, you can make your business more flexible in an ever-changing market.

We’re also a high-quality window manufacturer. We offer our windows with a range of optional hardware, including Fab & Fix hardware and ‘From the Anvil’ ironmongery. You can also offer your customers high-security MACO locks, our in-house Beaumont range of timber effect windows, and designs from leading companies Deceuninck and Reynaers.

timber window manufacturer

Specialist Timber Window Manufacturer

We’re proud to be a specialist timber window manufacturer at Dempsey Dyer. Our history with timber goes back decades, but we’ve spent that time updating wooden windows for modern homes. With more resilient timber species, leading hardware and advanced double glazing, our timber windows can stand the test of time to satisfy your customers.

We provide our timber windows with Accoya wood, created with patented acetylation technology that makes them weather-resistant. As a result, these windows don’t crack, twist or fade, making them lasting designs. You can add our timber casement, mock sash, flush sash and sliding sash windows to your product range. Not only that, you can offer our range of customisable hardware, colours and accessories.

At Dempsey Dyer, we know timber windows are still a sought-after product. Because of this, we make sure to create high-quality designs for your home. We manufacture and design many of our products in-house, meaning we can make them to your order. Not only that, we can react to even the most special orders, making your business more flexible.

choosing the right window manufacturer

Experienced Window Manufacturer

One way that Dempsey Dyer can help you as a window manufacturer is with our experience. When you think about why you should choose us, our know-how and expertise put us ahead of the game. We have over 39 years of practice designing, building and supplying our windows to businesses, and we’ve refined our systems further and further in that time.

Because of this, we can offer a responsive and reliable service that your business can benefit from. With us, you’ll get a flexible trade supply system that allows you to order windows in on your terms rather than the other way around. Not only that, we make sure to construct all of our windows to the highest standards. As a result, you’ll be satisfied as a company, and your customers will be satisfied too.

We can tailor our trade services around your business, and we can manufacture windows for any purpose. Because of this, you can offer your customers complete control over their new window designs. All the while, you’ll be in more control of your business with us. Choose Dempsey Dyer as your new window manufacturer today, and watch your business thrive.

Choose Dempsey Dyer As Your Next Window Manufacturer

If you’d like to choose Dempsey Dyer as your next window manufacturer, get in touch with us today!

You can start your trade quote in a matter of seconds or speak to our friendly team via our online contact form. From there, our team can discuss your needs with your team, and we can start the process for your business to get a reliable, responsive window manufacturer on your side.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Installers and other businesses can only work effectively if they have a reliable trade supply service – offering the highest performing products. Luckily, here at Dempsey Dyer we only supply the latest options from market leaders. This guarantees quality, performance and durability – regardless of the product choice.

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