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Why Choose Timber Front Doors

Why choose timber front doors? It seems like these days everybody is looking for the latest and most modern entrance doors. However, there are more than a few reasons to remember wooden front doors as an excellent option. Since some older timber doors have issues dealing with the weather and can wear down after only a few years, these designs are outdated.

Today, you could invest in timber front doors that open the door to a warmer and more stylish home. At Dempsey Dyer, we design and manufacture modern timber front doors with a difference. Our options are more resistant to the elements, highly secure, and could even save money on energy bills. Additionally, the designs are fully customisable.

When you work with us, you can get high-performance doors that make a lasting impact. As a homeowner, you can invest in a bespoke entrance, meaning your new door can reflect your home’s unique style. And, if you run a business, you can work with Dempsey Dyer as commercial partners, offering our full range of stunning doors to your clients.

We combine quick service and short lead times with careful design processes and thorough testing. We test our locking mechanisms, for example, over 40,000 times before each door leaves the factory. That way, whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, you can get timber front doors that could change what you think about wood.

Energy Efficient Timber Front Doors

The problem with lesser timber front doors is they crack. Not only that, but you could get thin timber which would allow cold air to pass through into homes. However, Dempsey Dyer’s designs leave no room for the cold to play havoc with a home’s temperature.

Instead, you can get a 58mm thick sash, giving you a door with stunning impact and quality insulation. These timber doors create a thermal barrier for your home, and the sash also helps them when they have to deal with wind and rain. As a result, the doors don’t crack as easily either, meaning no gaps emerge for cold air to gain a foothold.

Because of this, you won’t have to worry about underperforming timber front doors. Instead, they’ll be able to keep their insulation for years to come. These doors, then, could cut the cost of energy bills, and can even decrease a home’s carbon footprint. That makes them a sound investment for both homes and businesses alike.

timber front door

Secure Timber Front Doors

That 58mm sash does more than keep cold air away. It also helps our timber front doors to be some of the most secure designs on the market. That way, our doors can protect homes reliably, with sturdy timber frames and a range of innovative security hardware.

For a start, our doors meet Secured by Design standards, meaning that you’ll get a door that goes above and beyond to keep you safe. Also, you can get MACO locks for the door that come with a security guarantee. Because of this, you can choose these doors for your home or business with total peace of mind.

The locking mechanisms meet PAS24 requirements, and they’re highly robust. An intruder will have a nightmare with these doors, as they won’t be able to pick or tamper with any locks.

Additionally, you’ll get 24mm double glazing panels in the door with multi-point locking, ensuring that the door channels light from the outside into your home, without letting anything else in.

Weather Resistant Timber Front Doors

One drawback of older timber front doors is how they deal with poor weather. When wind and rain strike these old designs, the wood cracks and warps quickly, leaving homes out in the cold. However, at Dempsey Dyer, we’ve gone a long way to making our timber front doors ready for the worst of the British weather.

For a start, we’ve treated our wood with an extra finishing process, meaning they have even more durability than normal. Additionally, we use high-performance timber species in our designs. For example, our Accoya wood option meets ‘Class 1’ standards for durability, meaning it’s hard to find any wood performing better for longer.

Also, you’ll be able to get layers of protection for your door that won’t get in the way of their design. You can choose translucent and opaque protective finishes, meaning any water has further to travel to damage the wood underneath. That way, your home can stay comfortable all year round, while your business can offer doors that are ready for anything.

wooden front door

Customisable Timber Front Door

We’re all about choice at Dempsey Dyer. That’s choice to style your home how you’d like, and choices for your customers to create them. Because we design and manufacture our timber front doors in-house, we can make them into bespoke options with short lead times for your home or business.

There is a wide range of elements to modify for the door, including handles, sashes and even the wood. You can choose between sleek chrome, gold or silver handles, a selection of four sashes with differing degrees of thickness, and timber species including Accoya, Sapele and European Oak.

Because of this, you can get a bespoke door for your home or business with ease. At Dempsey Dyer, we know how unique every home is. That’s why, whether you own a home or own a business, we’ll give you complete control of what you order. That way, you’ll be able to choose timber front doors that redefine what these doors can supposedly do.

Choose Timber Front Doors from Dempsey Dyer

With Dempsey Dyer’s timber front doors, you can choose from a range of options at low prices. Also, if you’d like to order doors for other areas of the home, we can help too!

Explore our range of timber French, patio and bi-fold doors today, and see how they could open the doors to nature with a classic, authentic appearance.

If you’d like timber front doors from us, fill in our online contact form today, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch as soon as they can.

Alternatively, why not give us a call on 01977 949641 today? We’d be happy to discuss your home or business’s needs in detail!

Timber Windows For Heritage Homes

Timber windows are an authentic option for heritage homes. However, older ones can quickly start to lose their quality. Over time, old wooden windows can crack and lose their shape, creating gaps for cold air to rush into homes. Because of this, it’s easy to think that wooden windows have had their day.

However, with Dempsey Dyer, you can explore a stunning range of modern heritage windows. These designs use durable species of timber which have better insulation, weather protection and security. Available in multiple designs, you can use timber windows to enhance your heritage home, or you could offer them as part of your business.

Dempsey Dyer is a leading company for timber windows. Our designs, which we manufacture in North Yorkshire, are quality options for any home and any business. Not only that, but you can get flexibility when you work with us. That’s because you can customise our window profiles, meaning you can get the perfect look for your home or offer those choices to your clients.

That way, you’ll get heritage windows that have timeless designs, but with benefits that are well-suited to the modern world. With these designs, you’ll make a lasting investment.

Why Choose Timber Windows?

Timber windows are a design classic. With wooden frames, you’ll get a traditional window that suits rural homes, cottages and other heritage properties. Our windows use traditional butt hinges, meaning the design draws from classic techniques. However, you’ll be able to blend them with wooden frames that are tested to be resistant to corrosion.

Because of this, our timber windows are a more durable option for properties. When wind and rain come into contact with them, the windows won’t fade or lose their shape as quickly. That way, they offer better insulation and more durability, pushing the idea of repair costs back by years.

Additionally, our timber windows come with a range of modern benefits. You’ll get double glazing as standard in the design, giving you glass that works to save energy for your home. And, with the option of MACO locks and a security guarantee, your home and business can get peace of mind that they’ll have a secure design.

authentic wooden windows uk

Flush Sash Casement Timber Windows

Dempsey Dyer’s flush timber windows suit heritage homes to a T. You’ll get a beautiful timber frame in a range of species, including the highly durable and efficient Accoya option. Also, the windows sit flush within their frame, meaning fewer gaps for cold air to pass through and for water to seep in through the wood.

Instead, you’ll get full double glazing and a dry gasket with a sloped or concealed drainage system. That means they’ll deal with weather conditions effectively. Not only that, but our timber windows are highly secure, with Espagnolette locking systems with mushroom bolts and shootbolts tested 40,000 times for total durability.

Also, the flush sash casement design is fully customisable. If you’d like to create a heritage window for a heritage home, then we offer Astragal bars, casement stays, and sash styles with four degrees of thickness. As a result, you can get the perfect look for your home, and offer it as part of your business with Dempsey Dyer.

Mock Sash Casement Timber Windows

Meanwhile, our mock sash casement timber windows are also ideal for heritage windows. These designs take the appearance of sliding sash windows but open outwardly. Because of this, they’re less likely to cause finger traps or to lose their smooth operation. Not only that, but they suit any home, and provide plenty of natural light and ventilation.

You can also modify the sash profile to be as thick or as thin as you need it to be. If the home is in a conservation area or AONB where it’s important to preserve the classic look, then the 4-10mm Ebernoe sash uses putty glazing techniques to fit these homes.

These windows will continue to work perfectly for years to come, too. We test our friction stays 30,000 times before we let each window leave the factory, and they’re available as Austenitic for high corrosion resistance. And, with a choice of Fab & Fix and Croft hardware, you’ll make sure to have the right window for any home.

timber windows for heritage homes


Stormproof Casement Timber Windows

Our Stormproof casement timber windows redefine what wood can do. That’s because, with these designs, you’ll get windows that deal with even the worst conditions. They feature moisture-resistant finishes and a full dry gasket glazing system which eliminates standing water. Because of this, the wooden frames are much less likely to crack, warp or twist over time.

Also, Stormproof windows can protect from a lot more than the weather. You can get high-performance, heavy-duty hinges to make sure an intruder can’t break your window apart by force. Additionally, the Stormproof design has a Secured by Design accreditation.

Stormproof windows can even save money for homes. With the Accoya timber species, you can achieve an ‘A’ Window Energy Rating. That means you’ll get leading efficiency and insulation. As a homeowner, you can cut the cost of your energy bills, while businesses can offer sustainable heritage windows that protect the planet.

Woodgrain Finish Windows

If you’re still not sure on timber windows, then Dempsey Dyer has designs that take a different approach to heritage homes. Instead, you could invest in our woodgrain finish windows! They use uPVC frames instead of timber but use an authentic woodgrain finish to give your window a quality appearance.

uPVC is less expensive than timber, more maintainable, and fully weatherproof. As a result, these windows won’t lose their shape for decades. However, our wooden windows can give you quality performance in a window with quality aesthetics that no other designs can match.

Timber Windows for Heritage Homes with Dempsey Dyer

If you’d like to add timber windows to your home or business, get in touch with Dempsey Dyer today. We’re the ideal team to help you improve your home, or to be your new commercial partner.

Use our online contact form to get in touch with our expert team, or give them a call today on 01977 649641 to ask any questions you might have.

uPVC vs Timber Orangeries

When people are looking to expand their homes, many of them immediately think of conservatories – and for good reason. These are a classic, stylish option that provides versatile functionality in a cost-effective and relatively straightforward installation.

Increasingly, however, orangeries are soaring in popularity as an alternative to traditional conservatories and even full-scale house extensions. What makes orangeries so popular? Just like conservatories, they can be used in any way you choose, from a relaxing retreat to sit and read to a vibrant social hub for entertaining or even an inspirational office space.

Orangeries are an excellent way to boost a home’s kerb appeal and help any property stand out from the crowd. If homeowners are thinking of investing in one, there are many important options for them to consider. Not only must they decide how they want to use a new orangery, but they must decide on key points of its manufacture and design.

Here at Dempsey Dyer, we manufacture both uPVC and timber orangeries in the UK for homeowners looking to expand their living space and their horizons. What are the differences between timber and uPVC conservatories, and which has the advantage over the other? There are many important questions to ask before any homeowner can reach a decision, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help.

What Is An Orangery?

The first question you may find yourself and customers asking is, what exactly is an orangery? They are not as widely known as conservatories by name, and many are often mistaken for these.

Put simply, orangeries in both timber and uPVC styles are recognisable because they are predominantly brick structures with large windows; comparatively, uPVC and wooden conservatories are primarily glass structures. There are also differences between the roof styles: orangeries often feature a flat roof with a glass lantern, while conservatories have a pitched roof.

what is a timber orangery

The original orangery designs trace their history back to Renaissance-era Italy. In the seventeenth century, these structures were grand and elaborate, separate from the house in the way we know summerhouses to be. Traditional orangeries were made of timber, expertly handcrafted, for a space that was full of natural light.

The legacy of the orangery holds true to this day, with many homeowners recognising the elaborate history of these installations and associating them with similarly grand ideas and lifestyles today. This makes orangeries even more desirable, particularly timber orangery styles, as they closely follow their original designs.

What Are Orangeries Used For?

Traditional orangeries were, as their name suggestions, associated with the citrus fruits. Since these were not accustomed to cold weather, orange trees needed to be shielded with warmth and natural light in abundance.

Now, however, modern orangeries in uPVC and timber are quite different in appearance and functionality. Up-to-date designs are more akin to conservatories in style and function. The similar versatility of conservatories is true for orangeries. Homeowners often use them for relaxing, dining, socialising, even as light-filled guest bedrooms or even simply storage – the possibilities are endless.

comparing upvc and wooden orangery styles

Compared to conservatories, uPVC and timber orangeries alike look and feel more like traditional house extension. Their room-like feel makes them into a more cohesive expansion of any living space. They boast a design that also maintains a more liveable temperate all year round, meaning they are an excellent investment in all weathers.

As an expansion of a home, there doesn’t have to be a specific function for a new orangery – it can be made use of in any way possible. For homeowners looking for more living space for friends and family to enjoy, they’ll have a brand-new space to move through and enjoy. From lounging, relaxing, dining, socialising and more, uPVC and timber orangeries can be used in any and every way you can think of.

uPVC vs Timber Orangeries

Once homeowners have decided on an orangery and are imagining the many different ways in which they can be used, the next part is to start finalising the design and materials to be used in this. Which is better for orangeries, uPVC or timber? We’ll outline some of the features of both, to help you make a decision that’s right for you.

uPVC orangeries are a cost-effective option that is also highly customisable. Homeowners can create the aesthetic they want with a wide range of colour options to choose from. If you want an authentic timber orangery aesthetic, you can choose a woodgrain finish for your uPVC orangery. These designs can be enhanced further with cutting-edge locking mechanisms, highly secure handles and A-rated glazing. This means uPVC orangery can provide exceptional performance at affordable price points.

should i get a upvc or timber orangery

Timber orangeries perfectly encapsulate the timeless elegance of their original design without the need of any colour or finish to emulate this. They are highly authentic, adding both character and value to any property. With advanced timber that can be chosen in various options, wooden orangeries don’t compromise on performance at all and they are impressively low maintenance, even compared to uPVC orangeries.

Orangery designs have come a long way since the seventeenth century, as has the timber used to manufacture them. For a truly authentic orangery that has stood the test of time for hundreds of years and will do so for many more years to come, wooden orangeries are the ideal choice. For those looking to mimic this style in a slightly more cost-effective way, with more colour options to choose from, uPVC orangery styles could the best choice.

uPVC & Timber Orangeries from Dempsey Dyer

If you’re wondering which is better – uPVC vs timber orangeries – there’s no need to worry. With the modern designs manufactured by our professional team at Dempsey Dyer, you can have the best of both worlds with either.

Our uPVC orangeries provide an authentic aesthetic alongside modern performance; our timber orangeries are made with state-of-the-art materials for high-performance results. Both uPVC and timber orangeries would make a stunning addition to any home.

If you want to find out more about our supply of uPVC and timber orangeries in the UK near you, we welcome you to contact our team online via our contact form, or you can call our team on 01977 649641.

We’ll help you to decide whether uPVC or timber orangeries are right for you. We look forward to working with you soon.


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