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Guide to Bespoke Wooden Doors

10 March 2021

At Dempsey Dyer, we can help your business offer bespoke wooden doors to your customers. With the needs of homeowners being so different these days, wouldn’t it be better to have doors that suit everybody’s demands? With us, you can make unique doors a reality, as we can craft bespoke front doors for your business made to order and on short lead times.

With our bespoke wooden doors, you can also offer your customers the quality and performance they’re looking for. We use a range of resilient timber species in our designs, meaning these doors look authentic and are fully weatherproof too. Not only that, these doors are easy to install for your teams. Dempsey Dyer designs doors with installers and customers in mind.

We can create bespoke front doors in thousands of combinations to suit the needs of any homeowner. We have four sash options, multiple glazing types and thicknesses and a choice of ‘Fab & Fix’ hardware, Croft hardware or ‘From the Anvil’ ironmongery. As a result, you’ll be able to give your customers more choice than ever before. And, as your trade partner, Dempsey Dyer makes it easier than ever to order your doors.

bespoke wooden doors

Why Offer Bespoke Wooden Doors?

You might not offer bespoke wooden doors in your business. After all, wooden doors have a reputation for poor quality these days. Old wooden doors are famous for failing in poor weather conditions after a few years. However, we’ve made sure our bespoke front doors are ready to deal with anything the world can throw at them, all while maintaining a stylish, handcrafted look.

Our timber doors have laminated timber as standard, and you can order doors with Accoya, Sapele and European Oak species, which are highly resilient. With a 58mm sash, our doors are also dense and highly durable. Along with double glazing panels in the design, our doors offer superb thermal efficiency to help your customers save in the long run.

Our bespoke front doors are designed to be front doors, too. We’ve made sure our wooden frames won’t fade away for decades to come in poor conditions. Our additional sash thickness allows for more drainage while we construct our timber with a minimum 7-inch slope to allow water to slide off. As a result, our bespoke wooden doors retain their looks and performance for decades, making them a sought-after entrance.

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Bespoke Wooden Doors Options

Nowadays, homeowners value choice when they look for new doors. Thus, offering something unique can set your business apart from the competition in a tight marketplace. With Dempsey Dyer’s bespoke front doors, though, you can make sure any customer gets what they’re looking for. And, with our wide range of customisable options and streamlined trade process, you can get those doors to them quickly.

You’ll be able to offer your customers a choice of four sash thicknesses, ranging from 24mm IGU to 4-10mm IGU designs ideal for homes in conservation areas. You can also provide the choice of translucent and opaque finishes which last for decades without repainting. Our paint system protects the timber from fading and discolouration under UV light.

Homeowners will even get the chance to choose bespoke hardware, such as handles in a range of finishes. And, because we design and manufacture our doors in-house, we can react to custom orders quickly and responsively as well. All of our doors have features everybody’s looking for, too, such as PAS24 hardware capable of achieving Secured by Design status and MACO locks.

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Bespoke Front Doors from Dempsey Dyer

Your business could quickly and easily offer bespoke wooden front doors when you choose Dempsey Dyer as a trade partner. We design and manufacture many of our products in-house, and we pick the best designs on the market to offer to your business. Also, we have a streamlined trade supply system supported by 120 dedicated employees.

When you ask yourself why you should choose us as a partner, you could consider the quality of our bespoke wooden doors. Our designs are highly flexible, durable and capable of achieving leading levels of thermal performance for your customers. Our doors could give your business the edge, with a bespoke product that puts homeowners in control and keeps customers coming back to you.

With Dempsey Dyer, you’ll also work with a trade partner with the experience and know-how you need to succeed. Our 39 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying bespoke wooden doors to businesses demonstrates our long-standing commitment to quality. Choose Dempsey Dyer today, and give your business a bespoke service to offer bespoke front doors.

Bespoke Front Doors Prices

Find out how you can offer bespoke front doors in your business by contacting Dempsey Dyer today!

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