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How to Find Bespoke Timber Windows

28 August 2021

How do you find bespoke timber windows? If you run a business, then you might want to give your customers more choice in the timber windows they order. However, a lot of companies don’t offer this option, especially trade partners. You could find that, with some brands, the timber windows you get are only templates which can’t be changed much.

However, it’s different at Dempsey Dyer. Because we manage our bespoke timber windows operations from a specialised manufacturing base, we can react to custom orders quickly and responsively. As a result, we can create bespoke timber windows for your business to offer to your customers. Not only that, you won’t have to wait too long for them to arrive.

As your trade partner, we work according to how you work and not the other way around. We can either deliver bespoke timber windows to you, or you can pick them up from our trade partner. And, if its quality timber windows you’re after, our designs have resilient timber species, advanced double glazing and meet PAS24 standards. If you want to find bespoke timber windows, we’re here.

Why Offer Bespoke Timber Windows?

Most homeowners today want to find bespoke timber windows. It’s because everybody is looking for that unique addition to their property that’ll make it stand out on the street. Not only that, timber windows are a high-quality product, making them sought-after. However, most buyers are looking for windows that give them something extra, reflecting their personality.

By offering bespoke timber windows as part of your product range from Dempsey Dyer, you can do just that. All of our timber windows are customisable, with unique colours, finishes, accessories and hardware to choose from. We also offer our bespoke timber windows with a choice of four timber species, including Accoya. As a result, our designs can be durable and low-maintenance.

Once your customer chooses all the parts of their bespoke timber windows, you can place an order with us. From there, our team of expert craftspeople gets to work creating a stunning new window to your order. Once its done, you’ll be able to pick it up quickly or get it delivered efficiently. With Dempsey Dyer as your trade partner in bespoke timber windows, everything becomes easy.

Styles of Bespoke Timber Windows

At Dempsey Dyer, we can offer bespoke timber windows in three distinct styles. Firstly, for a traditional look, we can provide flush sash windows to your product range. Retaining the original design of timber windows, these designs blend brilliantly with any home. Windows like these suit traditional properties, but add a sense of elegance to modern ones as well.

Additionally, we can offer mock sliding sash bespoke timber windows. Mock sliding sash designs don’t have a movable pane, but they are incredibly effective. Mock sliding sash windows also have advanced double glazing, making them thermally efficient for homeowners. As a result, they can make an excellent investment and save money on their energy bills.

Finally, at Dempsey Dyer, we offer bespoke timber windows that have unique benefits. For example, our Stormproof casement windows make timber windows weatherproof. Windows like these still have a beautiful timber frame, but it doesn’t wear down, rot, crack or twist in bad conditions. Our bespoke timber windows are a long-lasting option for your customers.

Bespoke Timber Windows from Dempsey Dyer

Homeowners and businesses looking to find bespoke timber windows need look no further thanks to Dempsey Dyer. As a trade supplier with decades of industry experience, we know how to make bespoke timber windows. We’ll provide an excellent service, putting you first at every step of the way. Homeowners and businesses alike can get unique windows with us.

Once you get your trade quote, we can speak to you about adding bespoke timber windows to your product range. Not only that, we can tailor a plan around your business, meaning we work on your schedule. By offering fast lead times and quick delivery, we also give you the ability to react to custom orders at speed. Because of this, you can offer a bespoke service for bespoke timber windows.

Dempsey Dyer can be your permanent trade partner, too. We work with your business to create a stable, lasting relationship that allows you to offer bespoke timber windows to your customers. And, if you’d like to enhance your product range further, why not look into our full range of timber products? We’d be happy to help you.

Find Bespoke Timber Windows Prices

interested in adding bespoke timber windows to your product line? Get in touch with Dempsey Dyer today by filling in our online contact form or calling 01977 649 641. And, if you’d like to see how much our bespoke timber windows could cost, why not get your free trade quote? It only takes minutes to see which of our bespoke timber windows works for you.


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