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How To Maintain Timber Windows

15 November 2020

To maintain timber windows, all you need is a bucket of mild, soapy water and a soft cloth. Their striking, desirable and highly-sought-after aesthetic should be preserved as much as possible. As such, you won’t want to use any rough or abrasive cleaning materials to maintain your wooden windows. You’ll want to use items such as glass cleaner too, but only on the right components – for example, don’t use glass cleaner on the frames, to avoid any damage.

With the right tools for the job, and a little attention once or twice a year, you’ll not only have your timber windows well-maintained but looking better than ever, just like new.

Here at Dempsey Dyer, we’re renowned for the high-quality timber species we use in our timber windows and doors. If you work with a lesser timber company, you may worry that your home will suffer from sub-par performance, or that your windows will require lots of regular maintenance. With Dempsey Dyer’s exceptional products, that isn’t the case. We make sure the installers we supply to use only the finest timber for the best results.

If you’ve invested in timber windows, you’ll want to know the best way to look after them. They provide a striking aesthetic that is highly desirable, and it’s easy to keep them looking their best with a little TLC. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide on how to maintain timber windows, so you know the step-by-step process to get your wooden windows looking the best.

What Is The Best Way To Maintain Timber Windows?

Cleaning wooden windows couldn’t be simpler – or more important. With just a bucket of mild, soapy water and a soft cloth, you can quickly, thoroughly and effectively clean your wooden windows for exceptional results.

Timber is less durable than some other materials, such as uPVC or aluminium. However, there are other reasons why homeowners continually choose wooden windows, such as their unmistakable style. As such, you won’t necessarily choose these other window styles over timber just for their strength. Since you’ve invested in wooden windows, maintain them to make sure they are as tough and stylish for your home for as long as they can be.

Make sure you clean the door thoroughly with water to remove any dirt, grime or pollution build-up that occurs naturally on all kinds of doors, no matter which material they may be. For any persistent grease marks, you can use a small amount of washing up liquid and some gentle scrubbing.

When you clean the glass with glass cleaner, be sure not to get any of this on the frames. Precise and careful wooden window maintenance is key. That’s why you wouldn’t want to try and blast off any dirt with a hosepipe or pressure washer. Timber windows aren’t worryingly fragile, but you won’t want to saturate the area by causing any water damage or ingress, which would cost you more to repair in the long timber windows

Why Should You Maintain Timber Windows?

The right timber windows can maximise your home’s kerb appeal, impress neighbours and passers-by, keep your home secure from any unwanted intruders and make your living space more thermally efficient too. With the right wooden windows, there’s no need to compromise on style over performance.

That’s why maintaining timber windows is vital, not only to the aesthetics of your home but also when it comes to its benefits too. If your wooden windows aren’t looking their best, it’s likely that they aren’t performing to the exceptional standards that you would expect them to. In fact, while you may not immediately notice that your home isn’t holding all the heat that it should, for example, noticing issues with the appearance of your timber windows can be an excellent indicator of any underlying problems. As such, it’s time to give them some attention.

If your timber window frames are rotting or suffering under pressure from the elements, they are not exhibiting the right levels of strength and durability that you need. As a result, they may not be able to defend your home when it matters most. You need your double glazed wooden windows to defend against any forced entry attempts, and if the frames aren’t performing to the right degree, they won’t be able to do this. That’s why maintaining timber windows is important to uphold their standards, and also why you should look at any maintenance issues as a sign of other problems that may require your attention.

Which Other Areas Of Timber Window Maintenance Are Important?

There’s much more to a timber window than just its frame and glazing. You’ll want to make sure the hinges and handles are looking and performing at their best too. If these start to suffer from sub-par performance, you may not be able to close your wooden windows correctly, meaning that you’ll let draughts into your living space and allow cold air to escape.

Similarly, keeping the handles and hinges in top condition means that any unwanted intruders won’t be able to force their way into your home easily. Any issues with windows – whether wooden, uPVC or aluminium – are all too readily exploited by would-be burglars. Don’t compromise the security of your home. Maintain your wooden windows as much and as often as you can.

To clean your wooden windows’ hardware, use a light oil to check they are opening and closing fully and with ease. Identify any issues early and rectify so they don’t cause you any problems when it matters most. It’s a good idea to open our your timber windows and clean any corners or crevices. This allows you to clean your wooden windows from any dirt as comprehensively as possible, as well as clearing out any insects that may be hiding, and testing their functionality as fully as you to maintain wooden windows

Dempsey Dyer’s Guide To Timber Window Maintenance

At Dempsey Dyer, we make sure our supply timber windows are the highest quality. This means that they will stand the test of time and stay looking as good as they possibly can for as long as possible. Any wooden windows will benefit from regular maintenance, but this only needs to be once or twice a year, as they can be cleaned quickly and easily with mild, soapy water and a soft cloth.

If you want to find out more about our high-quality timber windows in various styles – from casement and flush sash to sliding sash and even mock sash – the possibilities are endless, and there’s sure to be the right fit for any home. Why not talk to your chosen installer about the benefits of choosing Dempsey Dyer’s supply wooden windows? You can rest assured that they are stylish, high-performance and easy to maintain.


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