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The Variety of Timber Casement Windows from Dempsey Dyer

9 June 2022

Over the years, the casement window has become the standard window fixture, particularly in the last 20 years since uPVC took over the market. uPVC entered the market due to the lack of longevity that timber provided to homes back in the 1970s through to the 1990s. However, since the early 2000s, modern design innovations and technologies have allowed resins to be developed that allow for timber installations to make a return to modern UK homes without having to worry about rotting, warping or discolouration. As such, here at Dempsey Dyer, we have developed a range of timber casement windows that provide the home with the best in thermal efficiency, security and weather protection. uPVC still remains an excellent option for homeowners, but timber has finally made its full comeback to wonderful effect. 

Today we wanted to focus on the three variants of our timber casement windows that we provide to trade installers and to homeowners: Flush Sash, Mock Sash and Stormproof Casement. Each window has something slightly different to offer the UK home. All of them have excellent properties in retaining warmth in the home, providing exceptional and modern levels of security and protection from weather damage. 

Flush Sash

Our timber flush sash windows have the professional touch that homeowners of heritage properties are looking for. Since uPVC entered the market, we have seen modern homes built with uPVC double glazing and homes built in the 1970s and later having their single glazed windows upgraded to uPVC. However, there has been a spot missing for the heritage home that has no interest in providing the home with modern uPVC finishes. Fortunately, modern timber casement windows have arrived to fill this gap in the market! 

Flush sash windows are stylish and discreet due to their flush design against the wall. They provide the traditional home with a modern upgrade that holds true to their classical style. They also provide the modern home with a touch of grace that may be missing if they had their uPVC windows installed sometime ago!

All of our timber casement windows provide homes with exceptional thermal efficiency. In these modern times when energy prices are skyrocketing with no sign of slowing down, it has never been more important to ensure that the energy we are using is used to its best effect so that we’re not wasting our money on leaking heat! 

Mock Sash

The mock sash timber casement window provides the same visual effect as the flush sash casement window but uses modern opening and closing methods. From the outside, you wouldn’t know that this window actually opens and closes like a modern casement window as it looks identical to traditional timber sash styles. However, the homeowner can enjoy modern window design from the inside. If you’re looking to give your home the contemporary upgrade without sacrificing on the outward appearance of the home, then look no further than the mock sash timber casement window! 

Like with all of our timber casement windows, the mock sash provides exceptional safety using our top of the line high security locking system. With a modern timber casement window from Dempsey Dyer, you can ensure that your home is protected from potential intruders. It used to be that timber windows were inadequate security measures to the ease with which intruders could break through them after they had rotted or degraded through the weather over several years. However, due to the modern application of resins, we can assure you that your timber casement window will not degrade through the weather at all! 

Stormproof Casement

Our stormproof timber casement range provides the home with the absolute best in weather protection. These windows come in a vast range of styles, including the two mentioned previously, so that you can customise your windows to your exact specifications. Whether you’re looking to provide the home with a traditional sash style or something more modern, our stormproof timber casement windows will give your home all the weather protection it needs without any signs of degradation.

Modern Timber Casement Windows from Dempsey Dyer

Our timber casement windows are available for trade customers and homeowners alike. Whether your client is looking for that modern upgrade to their heritage home or you yourself are looking to give your home a touch of the classics, then you’ll find what you need with Dempsey Dyer. All of our windows provide the best in thermal efficiency, security and weather protection, and all are customisable with a variety of timber species so that you can get the exact effect with the exact colour you’re looking for.

If you’re interested, please use our free online quoting engine today to get a quick price for your project! You can also contact us directly if you have any questions or call us on 01977 649641!


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