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Guide To Different Front Doors

9 May 2022

Modern homeowners have never had more choice of materials and styles for their installations than they have today. Especially with the advent of modern technology in manufacturing, homeowners can now receive exceptional quality across the board no matter the material or style they choose. As a result, it is important as an installer that you are aware of the differences between the various products we sell here at Dempsey Dyer. If a customer asks, it is good to be well informed and aware of what each type of door provides for the home in contrast to the others. Homeowners will not be as well informed as you on the variety of doors they can choose from, so they’ll trust you to provide them with a thought out recommendation. Today, we wanted to break down the different doors that we provide so that you can be fully informed about the products that we sell.

Timber Doors

Timber doors have come a long way in the centuries they’ve been used across the UK. Long gone are the days of weather degradation and rotting front doors. Nowadays, modern coatings and manufacturing processes have provided timber front doors with the ability to withstand weeks of poor weather conditions without showing any sign of the degradation we might have come to expect some years ago. We use three different species of wood for our timber front doors. The Accoya range is a high performance, modified timber made from sustainably sourced softwood. It has ‘Class 1’ durability, which is the highest level of durability for timber. Our Accoya products are premium when it comes to timber installations. We also provide European Oak products, which would be one tier down. European Oak has a ‘Class 2’ durability rating and has the lightest colour of the three species we provide. We source this particular species through the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure that we are sourcing this species sustainably. Finally, the next tier down is the Sapele range, which has the darkest colour of the three species and has a ‘Class 3’ durability classification, making it moderately durable. This species comes from West Africa and Cameroon and is an attractive choice regardless of having the lowest durability rating. Timber doors are perfect for the homeowner who is looking to add a nostalgic and timeless look to the front of their home. Authenticity is a key selling point and an excellent reason for customers to purchase timber products.

uPVC Doors

Next up is our range of uPVC front doors. uPVC is one of the three most widely used synthetic materials on the planet because of its relatively low production cost and its exceptionally high durability, low maintenance and thermal efficiency. uPVC is also wonderfully customisable and can easily be given a woodgrain finish to look like a timber door. uPVC doors are perfect for the homeowner looking to make an affordable addition to their home that still provides excellent performance across the board. uPVC front doors are able to last anywhere between 20-30 years and will provide consistent protection from the outdoors throughout that entire life span. uPVC requires very little maintenance to remain in tip-top condition so your customers can rest easy with a ‘fit and forget’ front door. 

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium front doors provide the home with a truly modern entranceway that is particularly on-trend at the moment in home design circuits. Critall like design made to replicate the industrial art-deco look has shown an explosion in the demand for aluminium and aluminium looking products. Homeowners looking to give their home something new that makes a statement to passersby and visitors alike will absolutely love an aluminium front door. Aluminium also no longer has the issues of thermal efficiency that it once did. With the use of modern thermal break technology, the aluminium elements of the door are separated from each other so that heat does not pass easily from the inside to the outside. As a result, the aluminium door is just as thermally efficient as a modern timber door or a uPVC one. 

Composite Doors

Finally, we also provide composite doors, a completely modern innovation that combines many of the materials mentioned earlier into one outstanding product. We provide two types of composite doors. The first is the foam-filled variant. Foam-filled composite doors are the less strong of the two types, the other being the timber core variant. However, foam-filled composite doors are known to be more thermally efficient than the timber core.

On the other hand, Timber core is much stronger and able to withstand a lot more punishment. As a result, it is really up to the customer which element they would like to prioritise over the other. Composite doors are just as customisable as uPVC, meaning that they can be given a woodgrain finish should the customer wish it. 

So there you have it, our quick guide to the kinds of front doors we provide here at Dempsey Dyer! Our front doors all come with customisable hardware that is all of the highest quality. If you’re interested in any of the front door products for your customers, why not get a quote from us today with our easy to use online pricing tool? Furthermore, if you have any specific questions for us, please feel free to contact us using our online contact form or call us on 01977 649641.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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