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uPVC Doors vs Timber Doors: Which One Is Right For You?

13 July 2023


At Dempsey Dyer, we supply a wide range of timber and uPVC doors for the trade. With decades of experience, we guarantee a high level of quality, ensuring both these doors last for many years. These doors will give your customers many benefits for many years to come. This ensures you will meet the demands of your customers and supply the highest quality uPVC and timber windows.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers get the best possible experience. Benefit from unbeatable lead times and fast turnarounds, resulting in a seamless end journey for your customers.

We offer uPVC doors and timber doors which come with unique benefits that will enhance your customers’ property. In this article, we will compare and contrast the advantages which you can offer to your customers. This helps them make an informed decisions and consider their options. Read on to find out more.

Timber Doors Offer Unbeatable Aesthetics

When your customer considers a timber door, let them know that it offers unbeatable aesthetics. We only offer the most innovative materials that will enhance the look of your customers’ home.   Our timber is crafted form Accoya Wood, which is designed to last a lifetime. What makes Accoya wood stand out is its unrivalled performance as it doesn’t rust, twist, and shrink in toughened conditions. Made from a number of coatings, colours, and textures, it creates a defining factor in your customers’ home.

In addition, we offer the Sapele wood which is designed for hard weathered conditions and extra durability. What’s more, it is low maintenance, ensuring it is easy to be wiped with a damp cloth. the European Oak is a lighter range, suitable for customers who are looking for natural light.

Timber Doors Are Sustainable Against the Environment

When your customer chooses our timber doors, feel confident that they offer outstanding sustainability levels. Let them know that their property will be protected against strenuous conditions, bolstered alongside the windows’ advanced double glazing. Our Accoya range comes from sustainable forests, so they won’t suffer from environmental damage.

A unique selling point of timber windows is that they are equipped with a low carbon footprint, which protects you and the environment. It is non toxic, so it will be safe for pets too.

Timber Is Preserved In A Range of Styles and Colours

Inform your customer that our windows are available in a wide selection of styles and colours to consider. Give them an unlimited selection of colour choices, and let them know that they are all powder coated to last against the worst conditions. This will help your customers create the aesthetics to their home.

But that’s not all, because our timber doors are equipped with lion head door knockers and a selection of handles. These are stylish and functional, so inform your customers that they are easy to use. These designs are ideal if you are working on a traditional or modern property, resulting in plenty of variation and styles. Select Dempsey Dyer for precision engineered timber.

uPVC Doors Give Your Customer Plenty of Natural Light

If your customer chooses a uPVC door, it will give your customer plenty of natural light. This will save on energy bills while making their property brighter and more inviting. The uPVC doors offer a selection of patterns that ensure your customer gets a variety of choices. There are a range of options such as traditional and chamfered, letting you provide a product that suits both traditional and contemporary builds.

uPVC Doors Offer Strength and Security

Inform your customers that your uPVC door will give them plenty of strength and security in their home. The doors are accredited by Secured by Design, which is an initiative supported by the police that makes sure their home is safeguarded against intruders. uPVC is a robust plastic and comes with advanced double glazing, meaning intruders won’t stand a chance.

Let your customers know that the doors are durable against tough weather conditions.  The airtight and watertight seals mean that water won’t seep into your customers’ homes, saving them money on repairs.


uPVC Doors are strong insulators of heat and sound

Inform your customer that uPVC doors are strong insulators of heat, which saves them money on extortionate energy bills. This is a unique selling point because the double glazing that is equipped as standard comes with a polyamide thermal barrier. By insulating heat, it keeps the doors warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  Let them know that this will help regulate the temperature as it results in less use of central heating.

In addition, the doors are strong insulation of sound. The double glazing blocks out conversations outside, which is vital if your customers live in a busy area or roadside. This will reduce loud noises to a whisper.


Inform your customer that the choice of timber or uPVC doors is down to them. At Dempsey Dyer, we supply plenty of doors that will suit their needs. With the highest quality options available, they will stay durable for years to come.

To learn more about our doors, get in touch with our friendly team on 01977 649641. Or,  inform your customer of our online quoting engine,  where they can design a bespoke door. We will return with a price that suits them.





Installers and other businesses can only work effectively if they have a reliable trade supply service – offering the highest performing products. Luckily, here at Dempsey Dyer we only supply the latest options from market leaders. This guarantees quality, performance and durability – regardless of the product choice.


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