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uPVC vs Timber Windows

20 January 2021

At Dempsey Dyer, we offer both uPVC and timber windows for trade and commercial customers. But which of these windows should you bring into your product line? Both offer their own distinct benefits that often make uPVC and timber windows the opposite of each other. As such, it’s hard to decide which one is better for your business.

With uPVC windows, you’ll be able to provide a durable window in a range of designs to your customers. The uPVC frame is versatile and fully weatherproof, meaning it can reliably perform for years to come. Timber windows, meanwhile, have an authentic look that stands out, and with the proper maintenance can provide a sense of period quality for homes that lasts too.

With Dempsey Dyer, though, you don’t have to choose. We offer both uPVC and timber windows in a range of designs, and we use market-leading quality components and materials. And, if you’re struggling to decide, why not get the best of both worlds? We have a range of timber look windows available to our customers with short wait times and bespoke, responsive service!

Benefits of uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are impressively weatherproof designs. That means the uPVC won’t struggle in harsh weather conditions. The frames will keep their shape and strength, ensuring continued performance for the design. Also, you’ll provide homeowners with a window they don’t need to maintain, as the uPVC won’t crack, twist, warp or discolour for years to come.

Not only that, uPVC windows are thermally efficient designs. The durable uPVC frame is air and water-tight, preventing cold air from getting around the windows and into living spaces. Our designs have advanced double glazing too, improving insulation even further. That way, you can help your customers invest in a window that saves them money on energy bills!

With Dempsey Dyer, your business can also offer a vast range of uPVC windows. You can order traditional designs, including the flush sash casement range and our mock sliding sash windows. We also offer uPVC Stormproof windows that are even more equipped to deal with poor conditions. However, with uPVC, this performance can sacrifice the authentic quality of timber.

upvc vs timber windows

Benefits of Timber Windows

Timber windows have a quality that modern windows struggle to match. Wood has an authentic look, blending seamlessly with traditional properties and adding a sense of class to modern ones. However, at Dempsey Dyer, you can give your customers better performance too. Our timber windows are updated for the modern day with the components in our designs.

For example, when you bring our timber windows into your business, you’ll get designs made with Accoya wood. Accoya is a high-performance, modified species of softwood which is Class 1 for durability and quality. Because of this, you can offer your customers wooden windows that are durable and resilient, helping them last for years longer.

However, unlike uPVC windows, timber windows aren’t quite as weatherproof. That means wind and rain can still affect the frame over time, meaning they may not stay as pristine for as long as uPVC. So, both uPVC and timber windows have their own unique benefits. If you’re unsure which is the right choice for you to offer, there is a versatile third option that we’re proud to share.

upvc vs wooden windows

Combining Benefits of uPVC and Timber Windows

Instead of comparing uPVC and timber windows, why not combine them? With Dempsey Dyer’s timber look windows, you’ll add a window that has the look of timber with the performance of uPVC to your range. Because of this, these windows stand out with their stunning aesthetics and are easy to maintain over time.

Our timber look windows take advantage of the Deceuninck 2800 profile, offering all the performance of uPVC. Not only that, you’ll be able to give your customers the chance to control the look of their windows completely. We offer a range of woodgrain finishes and colour options, and you can order any configuration with short wait times with Dempsey Dyer.

As a result, our timber look windows give your business more flexibility. You’ll be able to offer a unique design that your customers will love, perfectly filling the middle ground between timber and uPVC. You’ll be able to confidently offer what the market wants. Drawing on our vast experience, we identified a way to bridge the divide between uPVC vs timber, combining the best of both worlds for exceptional results. Enjoy the benefits of our expertise when you choose to work with us.

uPVC, Timber and Timber Look Window Prices

Bring uPVC, timber and timber look windows to your business with Dempsey Dyer today, and find out how much you could save with our competitive prices! We’re the ideal commercial partners, offering support for designs, manufacture and aftercare. Not only that, we cover the whole UK, meaning Dempsey Dyer will always be on your doorstep.

Give Dempsey Dyer a call on 01977 649 641 today to find out more about our uPVC, timber and timber look windows! You can even get your free online trade quote today.


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