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What is the Best Timber for External Doors?

8 July 2022

At Dempsey Dyer, we understand that there has been a rise in demand for timber doors. Timber doors offer an excellent thermal performance to your customer’s home because wood is a natural insulator of heat. It is also customisable, coming in a variety of different colours. There are many different choices available, so in this article, we will help you see which one is right for you.

Timber doors offer excellent aesthetics to your customer’s property because they bring charm and beauty. With many rustic designs that offer plenty of character, they will be the perfect choice for your customer’s home. A wooden door will create a naturally cosy feel to your home, retaining natural heat inside your home, leaving cold air outside. Compared to uPVC doors, timber offers a natural look that will brighten any home.

Your timber doors are available from the highest quality manufacturers, which means you will get a durable door that will last for a very long time. It is sturdy, stable, and will last a very long time. The doors even come with advanced double glazing security, which offers outstanding levels of security, warding off intruders in the process.

Timber is a very low maintenance material that will not rust, warp, or fade in toughened conditions. The doors will stand firm against wind, rain, and hail. And the double glazing will help your customers experience better views from their homes because of the slim sightlines.

Another popular choice for your customer’s property is Accoya because it is durable and sturdy in the long run. One of its many advantages for your customer’s property is that it is less prone to shrinking in tough conditions, which results in a material that lasts for a very long time. Because of its durability, it doesn’t need to be re coated or re painted, so your customers can enjoy the door for longer.

Accoya has significantly better insulation properties, so your customer will pay less heating bills. It is an ethically sourced and highly sustainable material, so your customer will get a natural wood in the process. This is ideal for customers who are conscious about the

This wood is also very weather resistant and resistant to rot. This means it can absorb water easier, so water won’t seep into your customers’ home. It will also give your customer unbeatable performance for up to 50 years.

Our timber doors also come with multi point locking systems and advanced shootbolt techniques, so you will install a door that gives customers peace of mind. All the doors are Secured by Design accredited, which is a police backed initiative which ensures every home is safe to live in. If intruders try to force their way in, tools such as crowbars won’t be able to break in.

Another wood that could be suitable for your customers is European Oak. It is a lighter material that is durable against rain and wind. European Oak is versatile because it can be installed as a front or a back door. It blends into natural surroundings, leading to a beautiful rustic design. You will install a stunning external door which has the option of being enhanced by side panels. This will save your customers money on expensive heating bills because natural light will flow into their home.

A strong selling point of European Oak is that it is an excellent insulator of sound. This is perfect for customers who live in highly urban areas. your customers will enjoy a better quality of life because they will be living in peace and quiet.

Sapele is a darker shade of wood that can be installed on timber doors. Its distinctive style is sourced from West Africa and Cameroon, allowing for a more natural feel in your customers’ home. This will raise its kerb appeal, making your customer’s property more attractive in the process.

Sapele has other benefits that will enhance your customers’ property because of its visual aesthetics. As the wood ages, the colour turns dark as well, giving it a stunning look for your customers’ homes. It is also resistant to insects, resulting in a durable door for your customers’ home.

We hope that this article has helped you think about which wood is suitable for your customers’ property and its benefits. Each door is very easy to install, giving you more time to increase your productivity.

At Dempsey Dyer, we offer installers plenty of expert advice and guidance. If you have any questions, give us a call on 01977 649641 to find out more.






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