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Windows & Doors For Traditional Style Houses

23 April 2023


At Dempsey Dyer, we supply and install windows and doors for the trade. If your customer lives in a traditional property, an upgraded window adds plenty of character to their home. If you are looking to learn more, get in touch with us today.

When it comes to windows, the traditional style requires that they maintain symmetry. Try to match the existing window sizes, shapes, and materials as closely as possible. Sticking with wooden frames can help keep the traditional look alive, but vinyl frames are also a popular choice for durability and cost. Look for windows that feature sashes made of wood, wood-clad, or vinyl.

What Are Traditional Windows and Doors Made From?

Traditional-style windows will include muntins or grids, which refer to the interior panels in a window. If you’re looking for complete authenticity, arched or patterned glass designs can enhance the historic look further. As for doors, the designs should reflect the style of the architecture and create a unified look. Whether you choose wood, wood-clad, or fibreglass, the door should match the rest of the home’s facade. Don’t overlook the hardware, be sure to find finishes that will enhance the door’s primary style. If you’d like to capture a more classic look, choose a six-panel wood door with an arched or keyhole window.

How to Achieve a Modern Look or Your Traditional Home

 If you’re striving to go for a modern look, opt for a fibreglass door with a sleek design and contemporary hardware. If you’re wanting to add a traditional look to your home, one of the best ways to do this is by carefully choosing your windows and doors. Making sure the windows maintain symmetry is key – try to find windows that are a close match to the existing size, shape, and material of your home’s architecture.

Wooden window frames are popular for a traditional look, but Vinyl can also be used for its durability and affordability. When choosing a door, the design should be complementary to the existing style of the home and create a consistent look. Make sure the material – such as wood, wood-clad, or fibreglass – matches the facade of the home. The hardware plays a big part in the overall aesthetic too – find finishes that will best enhance the door’s primary style to achieve the right look. If you’d like a classic or vintage look, opt for a six-panel wood door with an arched or keyhole window.

Which Traditional Style Doors Are Popular

For traditional-style doors, you’ll want to consider panels, designs, and hardware that are authentic to the era. Wooden doors usually require careful attention and maintenance, but their durability and classic look is worth the upkeep. Try to match the exterior door to the architectural style of the home. Traditional-style doors may have simple glazing patterns or multi-pane glass designs.

Inform your customer that composite doors are a popular design for your home. If your customer is looking for a modern design for their home, composite doors provide the best of both aluminium and uPVC, alongside a robust thermal core. Inform your customers that they will be kept safe for many years to come.

Another door that is useful for traditional properties is a stable door. Inform your customers that this is a useful back door that offers the best of both worlds. Your customer will get a rustic country charm alongside fantastic security. This is a unique selling point as intruders will be warded off easily. A stable door includes an opening that lets in plenty of natural light, so your customers will save money on their energy bills. And, it will make their home brighter, increasing their market value as a result.

What Hardware is Available for Traditional Doors?

Additionally, period hardware is available in many forms, including latch sets, handles, door knobs, and hinges. These may also be made of brass, iron, bronze, steel, or pewter to really capture the period style of the house.

We offer these hardware designs in a range of styles, giving you plenty of choice. Consider a woodgrain finish, which gives you the modern benefits of uPVC alongside a natural look. 


We believe that ultimately, whether you go for a modern or traditional look, the choice should be up to you. At Dempsey Dyer, we have years of experience when it comes to installing timber windows in your property.

If you want to find out more, contact our team through our online contact form or call us on 01977 649641. We will be on hand to help you.



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