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5 Reasons Why Orangeries Will Enhance Your Customers’ Home This Summer

13 July 2023

At Dempsey Dyer, we supply and install a selection of orangeries for your customers’ property. Orangeries offer a wide range of benefits and are suitable for a selection of buildings such as listed buildings and your customers’ home.

With orangeries rising in popularity, they are a fantastic choice for your customers’ home. They last for many years as they are easy to maintain and offer a fast drainage system. When the weather gets rainy or overcast, let your customer know that water won’t leak into their property. As a result, they will keep their home dry for many years to come.

Over our many years of trading, we offer the most comprehensive range of orangeries for our customers. We offer a selection of designs that are bespoke to your customers’’ budget.  In this article, we will explain some of the benefits for your customers to look at.

A uPVC Orangery Is Thermally Efficient and Will Save On Your Energy Bills

When your customer chooses a uPVC orangery for their home, they will benefit from a thermally efficient property. This will offer plenty of natural heat inside your home, which save plenty of money on your energy bills. Ensure that the orangery will need less energy to illuminate the space, which will reduce household bills too.

The extra glazing panels will inflict plenty of natural light on your property, which will result in less usage of your central heating. As a result, the orangery will be a bright and welcoming living space for homeowners and visitors alike. Ensure that you are offering a vast selection of panels to your customer, giving them plenty of choices. And, with a warmer home, this will help save money on energy bills.

A uPVC Orangery Will Be Customised to Your Customers Bespoke Needs

Ensure that your orangery is a versatile space for your customer. It can be used as a dining area offer a living room, or even an extra bathroom. However, if your customer wants to use it as a bedroom, let them know that Planning Permission may be required. Our builds are extremely versatile, available in a range of styles and colours.

Offer your customers a selection of timber or uPVC orangeries, which will ensure there is a versatile selection of choices that they can consider. The timber manufactured from Accoya is durable against the worst weather conditions, resulting in a structurally superior build. This makes it a fantastic choice for modern homeowners.

An Orangery Will Boost Your Customers’ Market Value

Inform your customer that a new orangery will help increase their property value, which is ideal if they want to sell it in the long run. An orangery is visually appealing structure that will enhance any home as it will create the illusion of a larger space.

An orangery can be supported by a French door or a bifold door, both of which offer enhanced natural light and beautiful panoramic views. If your customer has a growing family, this is a unique selling point because they can keep a watchful eye on their children or pets. This helps bridge the gaps between your customers’ house and garden, creating a seamless connection. Make sure your customer understands this, as it could be used as a dining area or a space to relax.


An Orangery Gives Your Customers’ Home Plenty Of Security

In addition to looking visually appealing, an orangery will be secure against the most determined intruders. Your customer will benefit from multi point locking systems built in alongside advanced shootbolt techniques. Inform your customers that intruders won’t be able to stand a chance of breaking in, resulting in maximum safety all year round.

Furthermore, if your customer is looking for extra privacy, our orangeries provide this in abundance. They are built with extra brickwork, providing a strong insulation of sound. This is a unique selling point because if your customer lives in a busy area, the noise can be reduced drastically. Let them know that they can select from a variety of glazing options that are available with a select level of privacy.

 Comfortable Living All Year Round

Inform your customer that our orangeries offer comfortable living all year round. The thick glazing panels trap natural heat inside while cold air is left outside, saving your customer on expensive energy bills. As a result, they will be warm during winter months and cool in the summer. It will help them regulate the temperature so they will be able to use the space for longer.

With a selection of styles including traditional woodgrain, white, and matte finishes, all the designs are naturally warm and easy to look after.


We hope this article has helped you understand how our timber and uPVC orangeries will help your customer. With a variety of benefits such as a versatile living space and offering extra natural light, they will help them save on expensive bills.

If you have any questions about our orangeries, our friendly team at Dempsey Dyer will help you. Give us a call on  01977 649641 and we will help you. Let your customer know about our online quote engine, where they can choose the components that suit their orangery.






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