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Timber Windows & Doors – Engineered for Energy Efficiency

20 September 2023

At Dempsey Dyer, we supply wooden windows and doors for the trade. With winter coming up, it is essential that the windows give you outstanding energy efficiency for your home as it will be warmer in the winter. A unique selling point, this will save money on energy bills, which is imperative in a cost of living crisis.

We know how important it is to improve thermal efficiency, so in this article we will explain how thermally efficient wooden windows and doors will make homes warmer. Furthermore, the article will compare the thermal efficiency of wooden windows to aluminium and uPVC windows. To learn more, read on.

Timber Windows Offer More Energy Efficiency Than uPVC Windows

In comparison to uPVC windows, modern treated timber lasts longer because it keeps your home at a warm temperature. Combined with advanced double glazing, it offers a robust thermal barrier that boosts your natural heat intake. The base substrate of the window is naturally warm to the touch, preventing condensation build up. For homeowners who are concerned about their heating and cooling bills, this is an ideal design to suit their needs.

When choosing wood as a natural insulator, this minimises the effect on energy bills. Around 80% of energy you use on your home goes towards heating. By choosing a wooden window or door, this saves costs significantly.

Accoya Wood Offers a Stronger and Long Lasting Look

At Dempsey Dyer, we use Accoya wood to manufacturer timber doors. This is an eco friendly choice that uses a patented technology that stands firm against tough conditions. This process also removes water from the existing wood, allowing it to stay strong for many years to come. The design is Class 1, offering the highest level of durability and sustainability.

Accoya wood is available for a variety of styles such as Casement and Flush Sash Windows. Obtained from naturally renewable sources, the design is suitable for traditional properties. Accoya is a natural wood that ensures it weathers naturally. It is more stable in comparison to uPVC, which degrades over time. Accoya only uses timber from sustainable forests, which offer many benefits to the environment. In comparison to other materials, timber is a renewable source. This means it can always be replenished.

Timber Windows Contain Polymer Weather Seals

Timber windows offer  better heat retention. polymer seals, vinyl perimeter seals, and rubber capillary seals protect against draughts and cold spots. This is ideal if you are choosing a tilt and turn window, as it is connected to the grooves so cold air won’t be able to enter.

Save Money on the Long Run by Upgrading from Double Glazing to Triple Glazing

One option to improve your wooden windows energy efficiency is to upgrade from double glazing to triple glazing. This will add an extra layer of protection and warmth. Triple glazing ensures your home is up to 40% more energy efficient. With exceptionally low U values, homeowners can expect to save over £160 on their bills, making it easy for them to spend on the things that matter.

Check the Locks to Ensure the Windows Are Sealed

It is important to check that the windows are sealed, as they will keep warm air in your home. If gaps are left in the windows, cold air will enter easily. Furthermore, timber windows can also be made warmer by repairing the frames individually. As a result, save plenty f money on costly repairs!

Prevent Warping on Your Timber Door

Timber doors are prone to warping easily. Warping is when a door twists and contorts in toughened conditions, and is caused by the door twisting in toughened conditions.

It is essential to take care of the door properly by preventing it from warping and regularly checking it so it doesn’t absorb water. Choosing a strong finish is ideal because it prevents moisture from entering the door. As a result, homeowners won’t need to worry about mould and draught spots.

Secure the Glazing Properly

Double glazing is a great way of increasing your thermal efficiency. However, having the glazing properly secured and in good condition. This way, natural heat will be retained indoors, lasting for a long time.

For extremely cold conditions, adding wood framed glass to the door will help buffer the weather and prevent any further damage.

Timber Windows & Doors from Dempsey Dyer

We hope that this article has helped you understand how timber windows will keep your home energy efficient. Timber windows offer plenty of protection against tough conditions, alongside draught seals which stop water ingress from entering your home.

If you have any questions about our timber windows, our team will be on hand to help you. Contact us on 01977 653002 and we will answer any questions you may have.


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