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Bespoke Entrance Doors

22 October 2021

At Dempsey Dyer, we can offer your business bespoke entrance doors to give your customers the door of their dreams. We all know that a great front door makes a brilliant impression on guests. Because of this, homeowners are looking for doors that are entirely bespoke to them, meaning they can craft a unique look for their homes. To do that as a business, though, you need high-quality doors that can come in unique configurations and with fast turnaround times to react to every custom order.

That might seem like a lot to handle. However, for Dempsey Dyer, bespoke entrance doors are our bread and butter. And, with us, you can offer your customers incredibly durable, modern, and authentic timber entrance doors for their homes. With an authentic wooden look, you can allow homeowners to design the door of their dreams and capture a traditional, impactful aesthetic for their properties.

Because of this, they’ll look to your business to get them a door that looks great. And, with our high-quality timber entrance doors, designed and manufactured in-house by Dempsey Dyer, you’ll offer doors that perform well, too. You’ll be able to provide thermally efficient, secure, and even weatherproof entrance doors for your customers, which we can do at fast turnaround times. Speak to Dempsey Dyer today or start your trade quote to find out how our bespoke entrance doors may cost less than you might think.

Bespoke Timber Entrance Doors

At Dempsey Dyer, we believe bespoke timber entrance doors are the best way for anybody to welcome people into their home. The reason for this is that timber has a more impactful aesthetic than materials such as uPVC. The problem with old timber doors, though, was that the material would wear down and become fragile after only a few years, and it would struggle in bad weather conditions. However, we’ve designed and manufactured our bespoke timber entrance doors with a 58mm thick sash, making the door more durable and robust.

We also offer our timber entrance doors with Accoya wood. Accoya is an engineered timber that is made naturally through a process known as acetylation. This process strengthens the wood and makes it resistant to water and other things that usually cause wood to crack, twist and warp out of shape. Not only that, we take the door through an expert finishing process to enhance the durability of the design.

Our bespoke timber entrance doors, then, are an ideal addition to your product range. And, if you have a customer that wants to create a unique door, you’ll be able to offer them just that. Because we design and manufacture our timber entrance doors in-house, we have the creative flexibility to match any specifications and offer unique colours and finishes for the design. And, with our protective finishing options, your customers will find that their doors keep their bespoke design for decades to come.

Bespoke Wooden Entrance Doors Performance

While bespoke wooden entrance doors look good, they’ll also perform just as well. While many homeowners believe that timber doors might be outdated, you’ll have no trouble convincing them that our modern designs are a significant upgrade. A 58mm thick sash gives them a solid core that makes the doors impact-resistant, helping homeowners protect the things they value from burglars and intruders. Additionally, our timber entrance doors achieve PAS24 standards and are capable of achieving Secured by Design status.

Another benefit homeowners will find in our bespoke wooden entrance doors is their insulation. Wood is a natural insulator, and we design our doors to be dense enough to stop cold air from travelling into any property. These doors can also retain natural heat, meaning energy escapes less and homeowners won’t have to use their central heating to make up the difference. As a result, these doors can help your customers save money on their energy bills, meaning you’ll help them make a brilliant investment.

Finally, bespoke timber entrance doors are fully customisable. Timber is a timeless design, meaning that you can give your customers the chance to design their new doors around any home, traditional or modern. We offer several optional extras when you order our doors, meaning you can give your customers the option of MACO locks, unique colours and finishes and even features like knockers and classic handles. That way, your customers will be able to pick their door with you, and they won’t have to go anywhere else.

Bespoke Entrance Doors from Dempsey Dyer

If you’re a trading company looking for bespoke entrance doors, Dempsey Dyer can help. We manufacture bespoke wooden entrance doors for any business, and we deliver them to you in a way that works around how you work. You can either pick up your bespoke doors at our trade counter or get them delivered directly to your business. And, with our fast turnaround times and reliable trade supply system, you can rely on us to meet the needs of even the most discerning customer quickly and efficiently.

Contact our team today to find out more about making Dempsey Dyer your trade partner for bespoke timber entrance doors. Alternatively, start your trade quote to begin ordering our doors to your business in no time.


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