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Thermally Efficient Windows

12 October 2021

What are the most thermally efficient windows? With rising energy bills and the state of our climate becoming increasingly fragile, it’s never been more important to cut down our emissions. One of the ways you might not have thought about doing this, though, is installing new windows. You may have older designs in your home that let a lot of energy escape your home, making you cold and leading you to use your central heating more to make up the difference.

If that’s true of you as a person, it’s certainly true of you as a business owner, too. Making sure customers can find thermally efficient windows will be crucial for your company in the months and years ahead. But how do you find the most thermally efficient windows, and which designs should you offer for your customers? Should you opt to install uPVC, aluminium or even timber windows, and how will you order them in?

At Dempsey Dyer, we help businesses and homeowners cut down on climate emissions with our thermally efficient windows. We can be your reliable trade supplier of uPVC, aluminium and timber windows from leading companies. And, by working with us, you can benefit from fast turnaround times and the ability to place bespoke orders. That way, you can help your customers find the windows of their dreams without them having to go elsewhere.

Thermally Efficient uPVC Windows

So, what thermally efficient windows do Dempsey Dyer supply? Firstly, you can add our range of uPVC windows to your product collection. We can deliver our uPVC windows in several styles, from flush sash to mock sash, and we offer tilt & turn windows as well. No matter your customer’s needs, we can help you meet them with our full range of styles and customisable options.

At Dempsey Dyer, we supply uPVC windows from Deceuninck. This manufacturer is a leader in thermally efficient windows, meaning you’ll be choosing high-quality designs every time. Not only that, you can choose thermally efficient double glazing for our windows that allow you to offer a design that will save your customers money every day. uPVC retains much more heat than old steel and timber windows do and are highly durable, meaning homeowners can cut their energy bills and emissions for years to come.

Thermally Efficient Aluminium Windows

Alternatively, another option for your business is our thermally efficient aluminium windows. While aluminium isn’t always known for being efficient, we offer designs that will help your customers take back control of their home’s heating. One of the main reasons is the thermally broken profiles used in our windows. Because of this, the system traps pockets of warm air to help homeowners stay warm throughout the winter and retain more of their home’s natural heat.

At Dempsey Dyer, we supply aluminium windows from Reynaers, some of the most thermally efficient windows on the market. These profiles can work as an exceptional insulator, meaning your customers can trust you to keep their homes warm every day of the year. Additionally, aluminium is more robust and resilient than uPVC, and we powder coat our aluminium windows with unique colours and finishes that last for decades. That way, you can give your customers the chance to make custom orders and create the windows of their dreams!

Thermally Efficient Timber Windows

Some businesses are moving away from installing timber windows, as they are not seen as thermally efficient. At Dempsey Dyer, though, we believe that timber windows can still help homeowners stay warm while adding an authentic look to their properties. It’s because we’re able to install timber windows with a more resilient species of wood, meaning our windows are stronger and better insulators than their older counterparts. Our Accoya timber is carefully modified to offer outstanding thermal performance to end-users.

Accoya is a natural timber that is created through the acetylation process. This process allows the timber to be weather-resistant, meaning it won’t crack, twist or warp to allow for cold air and draughts to enter the homes of your customers. Additionally, the process of manufacturing Accoya is environmentally friendly, with no toxins released into the atmosphere, and is fully recyclable. That way, you can help your customers cut down their carbon footprint for decades to come while also cutting down your company’s emissions.

Thermally Efficient Windows from Dempsey Dyer

If your business wants to add more thermally efficient windows to your product range, look no further than Dempsey Dyer. With our uPVC, aluminium and timber windows, we can help you offer designs that will save money for your customers and your company. We’re proud to be a reliable trade supplier, and we always do our best to work around your business. Because of this, we can deliver our windows to you or leave them for collection at our trade counter, and we offer fast turnaround times and custom orders across our range of thermally efficient windows.

Thermally Efficient Windows Prices

If you’d like to add thermally efficient windows to your range, get in touch with Dempsey Dyer today. Start your trade quote now, or contact our friendly team to ask us anything about our trade supply.


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