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Top Ways to Keep a Home Secure

24 September 2021

What are the top ways to keep a home secure? If a homeowner comes to you and asks that question, then there’s plenty of answers. After all, most home improvements such as windows and doors all have secure designs and advanced hardware to keep intruders out. However, for some people, security means more than just one installation, or more than designs that have high-security locks.

Now more than ever, homeowners want the feeling of security across their living space. This can include windows with obscured or frosted glass, meaning people can’t look inside their home or see into bedrooms and bathrooms. Not only that, doors with more resilient materials, such as composite doors and modern timber doors, are becoming more popular. And, with advanced hardware options, homeowners can get more secure products than ever.

However, with Dempsey Dyer, you can offer your customers even more peace of mind. It’s because we can supply high-quality home improvements with advanced security hardware, and we can react to custom orders as well. We also offer a range of secure options, including market-leading composite doors, resilient Accoya timber and additional features like From the Anvil ironmongery in our windows. That way, we offer some of the top ways to keep a home secure today.

Brand-New Windows to Keep a Home Secure

Dempsey Dyer’s windows are one of the top ways to keep a home secure. While windows can open homes up to the outside world, it’s how they close living spaces off from intruders that can be even more crucial. With our range of windows, you can choose uPVC, aluminium, timber and timber look windows in a range of styles and designs. And, with additional features to match, you can give your customers more control of their security and privacy.

We work with market-leading companies like Deceuninck and Reynaers to offer a high-quality supply of secure windows. Not only that, they can feature MACO locks and ‘From the Anvil’ ironmongery for extra protection and strength. With Dempsey Dyer, all of our windows also come with a security guarantee, meaning we’ll be liable should the worst happen to a homeowner. And, with easy installation, you can secure that home quicker than ever.

Brand-New Doors to Keep a Home Secure

The most common way an intruder will try to enter a home is through the front door. Because of this, homeowners are looking for entrances that not only look good and perform well but can keep them safe. With Dempsey Dyer, you can add a wide range of durable doors to your product range that do all of this, and you can give them control over the design. We can react to custom orders with ease and still provide fast lead times and turnarounds.

We can provide uPVC, aluminium, composite and robust timber doors with the option of Accoya wood. Not only that, our doors can feature MACO locks for added security, and we install both timber core and foam core composite doors. You can even give homeowners the chance to add the high security Ultion locking system, a design which dead-locks the door at the first sign of any intrusion. That way, you can give your customers invaluable peace of mind.

Top Tips to Keep a Home Secure

There’s also things homeowners can do to protect themselves without getting new windows or doors. For example, maintaining their current windows and doors is crucial. Some useful tips include checking windows for condensation, as this could be a sign that there are gaps and cracks in the design that make it more fragile. Additionally, doors can have similar issues and lose their strength, making them targets for smart burglars.

When a customer asks you for the top ways to make a home secure, you can also give them lifestyle tips to help them be more security-conscious. For example, you can advise them to find a secure spot for their keys that doesn’t leave them exposed. You could also install additional security measures, such as locking cylinders and deadbolts that lock windows and doors immediately. That way, they’ll never leave the house unprotected.

Dempsey Dyer can Keep a Home Secure

If you run a home improvement business, finding the top ways to keep a home secure can set yours apart from the rest. To do that, though, you need a reliable trade supplier that can provide some of the most secure designs around. Dempsey Dyer has been the company other businesses have trusted with this for decades, and it’s because we work around you. You can either pick up highly secure windows and doors from our trade counter or get them delivered to you.

By having a flexible trade supply system, we can react to custom orders and provide fast lead times. Not only that, you can work with a company that tailors its service to the way your business operates – not the other way around. Our highly secure windows and doors can give your customers the peace of mind they need to invest in their home with you. And, with our reliable trade supply, you can stay on top of every order.

Contact Dempsey Dyer today if you’d like to offer the top ways to keep a home secure to your customers. You can start your trade quote today or call our friendly team on 01977 649 641 to find out more.


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