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Timber Core vs Foam Core Composite Doors

16 September 2021

Are timber core or foam core composite doors a better product? If you run a home improvement company, then you’ve probably heard of both, but you may not be sure which of these designs is the best option for your business. Timber core and foam core doors are composite doors, meaning they blend materials in their design rather than using just one. Layers of uPVC and laminated materials surround the core of the doors.

So, what’s the difference between timber core and foam core? Timber core composite doors have an authentic design, excellent insulation and plenty of natural strength to make sure they stand the test of time. On the other hand, Foam core doors are less likely to have issues in bad weather, make your home more efficient, and can create a lighter door that operates more smoothly. However, while they have some differences, there are plenty of similarities.

Because of this, timber core and foam core composite doors are pretty evenly matched. So, if you want to know which to add to your business, you could either add both to your range or feel comfortable picking only one. However, if you need composite doors from a trustworthy supplier, your best choice is Dempsey Dyer. We can supply and deliver timber core and foam core composite doors for companies throughout the UK.

Timber Core vs Foam Core Composite Doors Efficiency

One of the main things homeowners look out for when choosing a door is how warm it’ll keep their property. Because of this, you might think timber core composite doors are the best option. Wood is a natural insulator, meaning a timber core should improve how the door captures and retains natural heat. However, if you’re looking to offer the most efficient composite door, you’ll be slightly better off with foam core doors.

A study has shown foam core composite doors are 19% more thermally efficient than timber core designs. While that may not be a massive difference, it’s one a customer can see and measure, affecting their decision. Foam core composite doors are slightly lighter than timber core options, too, meaning they’re less likely to weaken the surrounding hinges and hardware. You could benefit from a smoother operation overall.

Timber Core vs Foam Core Composite Doors Security

Homeowners also want to feel safe when investing in new doors. So, with timber core and foam core composite doors, it’s crucial to make sure you can offer a secure design as part of your product range. Foam core composite doors benefit from leading hardware and the durable materials that surround and protect the core. However, timber core composite doors have slightly more natural strength, making them highly secure.

Timber core composite doors are sturdy, robust and resilient. The surrounding materials, including uPVC, lamination and even GRP in several cases, make composite doors one of the most secure home improvements on the market today. Foam core composite doors, though, are also sturdy enough to keep your customers safe. And, when compared to the more popular uPVC doors, both options are much more secure.

Timber Core vs Foam Core Composite Doors Weatherproofing

While composite doors have an authentic timber look, both timber core and foam core composite doors have no drawbacks. It’s because both designs are fully weatherproof, meaning they can deal with all weather conditions. Timber core composite doors, though, have a wooden core that is more susceptible to wind and rain. Foam core composite doors, on the other hand, are weatherproof inside and out.

Although this won’t affect the performance of the doors for several decades, homeowners may consider this to be an important factor. As a result, it can help to offer both the timber core and foam core composite door designs. By installing both doors, you can give your customers more choice and more control over their investment. And, with Dempsey Dyer, you can take more control over your trade supply process.

Dempsey Dyer Delivers Timber Core & Foam Core Composite Doors

Dempsey Dyer has been supplying timber core and foam core composite doors for businesses in the UK for decades. We’ve created a streamlined, reliable trade supply that you can trust. Our team can react to custom orders and create bespoke composite doors to suit any home, as well. That way, you can give your customers the ability to customise the colours, finishes and hardware in their doors as well as the core.

With composite doors outperforming uPVC designs, they’re a great option that homeowners are beginning to embrace. Both timber core and foam core composite doors are durable, efficient and come from leading suppliers such as Solidor for our timber core options. Dempsey Dyer can either deliver these doors to your company in the UK or prepare them for pick-up at our trade counter. As a result, you can control your composite door supply more closely.

Contact Dempsey Dyer today if you’d like to add timber or foam core composite doors to your product range. You can start your trade quote in minutes to see our competitive prices, or call 01977 649 641 to speak to our team.


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