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Can Conservatories be Warm?

7 June 2021


Can conservatories be warm? An ever-present concern for homeowners is the heating performance of property extensions, particularly conservatories. Older profiles of conservatories are often plagued by inefficient thermal performance, meaning that during seasons such as Summer or Winter, conservatories can often be too hot or cold, making them inhospitable or unbearably uncomfortable during at least half of the year. Such a lack of comfortable availability is completely unacceptable, which is why we here at Dempsey Dyer offer uPVC conservatories and wooden conservatories.

uPVC Conservatories

What are uPVC conservatories? In order to make sure homeowners can enjoy a house extension such as a conservatory all year round. uPVC conservatories renovate a classic property extension with modern benefits. uPVC profiles offer better thermal performance than older designs, allowing for greater entrapment and retention of natural heat inside your property.

Thermal Efficiency

But what is so special about thermal efficiency? Thermal efficiency is what dictates how warm and comfortable your uPVC conservatory is. By preventing needless heat loss, your uPVC conservatory can remain at a comfortable temperature, be it Summer or Winter, making sure that you can enjoy your uPVC conservatory whenever you want, not when the seasons decide.

Modern Benefits & Features

On top of modern thermal performance, our uPVC conservatories are known for a myriad of other modern benefits that can not only keep your new extension warm but provide other sought out features that any homeowner would love to have for their property.

We offer five bead options that are available to not only our uPVC conservatories but our uPVC doors and windows too. Bedazzle your property pieces with our decorative and chamfered bead options that can suit both traditional and modern aesthetics. Our designs are specifically tailored to meet our valued customers’ needs. We offer bespoke beading to make sure that your warm uPVC conservatory is both comfortable and stylish.

We also offer a vast range of premium colours and finishes to make your uPVC conservatory truly bespoke to you. In addition to the many styles of uPVC conservatories that we offer, such as lean-to, Edwardian and Victorian, homeowners can take advantage of our versatile, customisable options to create a warm uPVC conservatory just for them. We offer many traditional finishes such as Rosewood, Golden Oak and Nut Tree for a more cosy, timber look that would befit the warm interior of your new conservatory. Or perhaps you would prefer a more modern finish such as Black Ash and Anthracite for a sleeker-looking extension.

But our offers of customisable options do not end there; we also offer a variety of hardware options that range from door handles to hinges. Enjoy our selection of both traditional and contemporary hardware options that can make any uPVC conservatory feel unique and personal to the homeowner. Not only do we provide functional warmth to our conservatories, but we offer superior customisation to our valued customers to create truly bespoke uPVC conservatories.

Can conservatories be warm? We here at Dempsey Dyer would not only argue that yes, they most certainly can, but that our uPVC conservatories can do that and more! Get a warm house extension that has all the extra modern benefits too. Enjoy the immense thermal performance and unmatched customisation with us today by either getting a free quote or contacting us.


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