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Orangeries, What are They?

15 June 2021


Orangeries, what are they? In layman’s terms, orangeries are extensions for properties, much like how conservatories are. But what makes them different from conservatories, or any other extension for that matter? Conservatories are usually structures comprising of glazing and a uPVC frame, whereas orangeries (also known as a sunroom) often sports a solid roof and walls usually made from brickwork. Orangeries are considered not only sturdier than conservatories but tend to also be better at retaining heat too.

Our orangeries give you the best of both worlds. We offer large, glazed openings that are often associated with conservatories whilst still sporting the solid brick layers that you love and know. Our orangery extensions are highly versatile, meaning that they are extremely customisable, as we offer bespoke orangeries for our valued customers, who can choose from style, configuration and finishes to create an entirely bespoke orangery that is completely tailored to your personal interests and specifications.

Such customisable options include our four beading options to help make your uPVC windows inside your orangery feel that much more personal to the homeowner. Or our range of bespoke timber options for a rustic and traditional look and feel, which is also extremely suitable for conservation areas. We also offer a variety of colours available to our uPVC orangeries, from the Standard, Woodgrain, Decoroc and OmniRal collections. This includes traditional whites, authentic woodgrains, matt finishes and durable Deceuninck options.

We also offer orangery extensions that are incredibly thermally efficient. This means that our orangeries have been expertly designed to trap and retain the natural heat inside your home. This prevents needless heat loss from escaping through your windows, meaning that your interior will remain at a consistently comfortable temperature, which can be especially helpful during the colder seasons. Homeowners will also find such a feature as a worthwhile investment, as our orangeries not only insulate the natural heat but they also circumvent the need to switch on the central heating. Save money on the energy bill as you enjoy your new orangery extension.

Our orangeries also provide a security guarantee for homeowners and their loved ones who want to feel safe and secure inside their own homes. Secure by Design accredited, we here at Dempsey Dyer know what it takes to make sure your home security is elevated. Our orangery extensions are no different when it comes to providing a secure defence against any would-be home invaders. We utilise MACO locking hardware that will prove to be a difficult obstacle for anyone without the key to the property. On top of the already sturdy profile of our orangeries, we also offer uPVC profiles for our extensions, meaning they are both resistant to human invaders and the weather. Enjoy an orangery extension with a substantial lifespan as it resists heavy rain and strong winds as you rest inside comfortably and safely.

Orangeries, what are they? Orangeries are a home extension that comprises of brickwork foundation and a solid roof and are often compared to conservatories. Our orangery extensions stand out from the crowd with our incredible customisable options, thermal performance and immense security. To find out more about our orangeries, why not try our free quoting engine or gives us a call.


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