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How Can You Save Energy During the Cost Of Living Crisis?

22 August 2022

The cost of living crisis has had a massive effect on homeowners. With energy bills on the rise and continuing to go up, at Dempsey Dyer, we want to help your customers do their bit to reduce bills and save money. In this article, we will explore ways that they can do this.

The average home containing a family of four uses 13 electronic appliances, which include TV’s and laptops. It is a massive jump from around 30 years ago when four appliances were used. There are ways to save energy, which will let your homeowners spend money on the most important things.

One way that your homeowners can save energy is by turning off their appliances at night. This will save plenty of money because they won’t be using as much electricity. Your customer can use plug sockets that turn on and off through your phone or timed plug sockets. This will make it easier to schedule when the electricity turns on and off. Doing this will save you an average of £30 a year. Even though most TV’s manufactured are energy efficient, your customer will save money because otherwise, they are needlessly using energy.

Being careful with water usage is a practical way of reducing your energy consumption. Using a bowl to wash up dishes instead of a running tap will save an average of £25 a year. Your customer can even buy a  energy efficient shower head which saves £18 a year. Furthermore,  a water meter could save your customer even more money because it will measure how much water you use. But that’s not all, because a shower timer will time how long your shower is, helping cut your water bills by £7 a year.

Encourage your homeowners to invest in double or triple glazing in your home because the frames will help retain natural heat in your home and leave cold air outside. This will help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit for the environment. By using additional glazing, you will keep your house at a consistent temperature all year round. This helps homeowners save up to £110 on their energy. This helps your home become very thermally efficient because you won’t need to turn on the thermostat. Alternatively, install a smart thermostat which uses less energy in the long run. In fact, nearly half of energy consumption boils down to heat and hot water costs, so you will be able to save around £80 a year. Turning the thermostat on low is actually one of the easiest things your homeowners can do because even though it could cause conflict, it will reduce your energy bills proportionately.

Many appliances use an eco mode option, so it is important that your customers take advantage of this. Eco mode means running at a low speed and will reduce your energy bills by around 59%. However, if your customer is in a rush, this could be problematic because the cycle takes longer to finish.

Your customer can also avoid using the oven to cook ready meals instead of a microwave. A  microwave uses less energy because it doesn’t heat the air around the food, so this will be more beneficial for your customer. If you cook a jacket potato, for example, it uses 25% less energy than cooking it in the oven.

Bleeding radiators regularly will stop air from being trapped inside and will reduce the water pressure, helping you use more energy to get adequate heat out of them. If you feel cold patches in your radiator, it is essential that your customer bleeds their radiator because it takes longer to heat than usual. This way, you won’t need to worry about using your heating system as much.

When we make tea and coffee, one of the most common habits is filling the kettle up. However, if your customers don’t use as much water, they will save much more energy. When filling the kettle to the level you need, you will save more energy in the long run.

We hope that this article has helped provide energy saving tips for your customers. We understand that the cost of living is affecting many people’s livelihoods and want to reduce this as much as possible. If you want more information, call us on 01977 649641, and our friendly team will be happy to help you.


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