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Why Choose Timber Windows?

24 August 2022

At Dempsey Dyer, we have seen a huge demand for timber windows. Homeowners can feel confident that these windows offer a naturally beautiful aesthetic and give your customers’ home a longer lifespan. But why should you choose them for your customers’ home? We can help you at Dempsey Dyer, so read on to find out more.

Timber windows offer your customers extra security measures, such as internal beads. This will help deter intruders and allowing for a safe and comfortable space. The glass is fitted from room side, which prevents anyone from breaking in by removing the glass.

We supply timber windows at competitive and affordable prices for our customers. This is beneficial to installers as they can explain these benefits to installers. As previously mentioned, the long lifespan will not let you down during and after installation because you will be guaranteed that they are built to last for many years to come. In the unlikely event that something happens, your installation business won’t suffer because we give outstanding cover and protection at Dempsey Dyer. The windows are blended with security for exceptional performance that will last many years.


Your customers will benefit from a range of timber windows to choose from. These include Flush Sash, Casement Windows, and Stormproof Windows. These have a range of benefits for your customers, including being ideal in tough weather conditions and challenging environments. They all have an attractive exterior which will look outstanding in your customers’ home.

Our flush casement windows create a traditional charm that blends in with any home. They come in a wide selection of colours and styles for your customers to choose from, including all RAL colours. This gives your customers plenty of choice to create a design that suits their needs and reflects their personality. Furthermore, a key advantage to timber windows is that the paint system protects the wood from UV rays and water ingress. The microporous structure reduces condensation because it allows excess moisture to escape, resulting in a low-maintenance finish.


Our timber windows give you outstanding noise pollution, which is perfect for customers in built-up, urban areas. It is essential because your homeowners will benefit from extra privacy and comfortable living space.

The windows offer a sleek finish to your customers’ property, giving your customers better views from their home. These views boost the aesthetic of their property, which is why they are very popular and high in demand. Your product will benefit from transparent finishes, which will help your customer benefit from a window that gives out a beautiful look that stands out from the crowd.

Our timber windows exude natural light into your customers’ home, so you can rest assured that these windows are environmentally friendly. They come with solar reflection and internal heat, which lets natural light flow in but also keeps heat inside. Your customers have a selection of glazing patterns that can help maintain their privacy and add personality to their property. This is yet another excellent point for installers because you will be able to give customers a wide selection. These windows come with varying degrees of obscurity so that natural light will enter a room easily.

Another reason to choose timber windows is that your customers get a plethora of choice when it comes to the hardware. This includes handles in a selection of styles, including a Chrome Cranked Handle, Monkey Tall Gold, and Black Dummy Stay. This helps customers tailor a window that is suitable to their needs.

Furthermore, another strong selling point about our timber windows is that they are suitable for any property, such as Heritage or New Builds. This makes them a versatile choice for your customers. Accoya is labelled as “Class 1” with the highest durability level, ensuring a long lasting finish. Accoya gives your customer’s windows natural beauty with an outstanding performance that complements any home. We also offer the windows in European Redwood, Sapele, and European Oak.

We hope that this article has helped you understand why timber windows are a popular choice for your customers. They offer outstanding sightlines and come in a range of colours. They are quick and easy to install, allowing you more time to complete jobs and boosting your profit margin.

At Dempsey Dyer, we offer windows with many selling points to boost your customers’ home. If you want to get free impartial advice, give us a call on 01977 649641 to find out more.





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