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How to Make Your Windows More Energy Efficient

4 October 2022

At Dempsey Dyer, we understand how much the cost of living affects our customers in both residential and commercial spaces. With energy prices expected to rise this winter, saving money on your bills has never been more important. But how can you make your windows more energy efficient for your customers? In this article, we will provide ways that you can help your customers be more environmentally conscious.

One of the first questions you might be asking is: what is the most energy efficient window on the market? The type of glass that a customer chooses affects the energy efficiency level of a window. Energy efficiency is measured by U Values which measure how well your property and window retains heat. You can inform your customer that the building is warmer when the U Value is low. This saves your customer money on their energy bills because they will keep the temperature warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

It is also important for your customer to understand what appliances they are using in their commercial or residential property. This will help them understand how much energy they are using.

For example, double glazing is the most common method of keeping your customer’s commercial or residential property thermally efficient. Double glazing is where two thick panes of glass are connected with argon gas, which gives a commercial or residential space outstanding levels of heat retention. For instance, if your customer installs double glazing with an A rated thermal efficiency level, then they could save around £95 on their energy bill. What’s more, an A ++ rating on your customers’ windows and a double glazing installation will save around £235 a year and 405 kg of carbon dioxide.

Your customer has the option to upgrade their energy efficiency levels even further with triple glazing. This adds a third pane of glass to increase it at a further cost. The extra glazing will help against condensation and unwanted draughts. What’s more, glazing will not just save energy, but it will also reduce outside sounds and privacy. When condensation builds up over time, this can lead to mould, and the windows can deteriorate in the long term.

You can also inform your customer that they can replace their windows if they are getting old. As a result, this results in the commercial or residential space being colder in the long run. An ideal energy efficient glass for your property is low emissivity (low E) glass. This type of energy efficient glass will block infrared light from penetrating the glass from the outside. This will help you save on heating and cooling costs for many years to come. In addition to this, it will let floods of natural light into your residential or commercial space.

In a well insulated building, less heat will escape in the cold seasons, which is ideal for a commercial property. As a result, inform your customer they need to keep their building as airtight as possible. This is done by replacing your doors and windows, which ensures the residential or commercial property will stay warmer for a very long time.

While double glazing has many benefits for energy efficiency, it will improve its look if your customer incorporates natural light into their residential or commercial property. What’s more, inform them that they can even use solar windows in their home. These contain transparent solar cells that convert the sun’s energy to emission free energy. This will save the customer plenty of money by decreasing utility costs.

A SMART thermostat is an ideal way to monitor how much energy your customer uses in a month. The SMART thermostats will be able to connect to standard HVAC systems, making the temperature warmer in the long run. By doing this, your customer will be able to regulate the temperature. Natural weather patterns are also useful because the system will turn off automatically when the building is vacant. This will save your customer plenty of money outside operational hours. And a SMART meter will adjust the indoor temperature depending on how many occupants there are in the building. This helps control the temperature much easier.

We hope that this article has helped you understand how your customer will make their windows more energy efficient. It is important for your customer to save money on their energy bills, especially with the cost of living rising in the winter. If you want to learn more about making your windows more energy efficient, fill out our online contact form. Simply fill out all the information, and we will return to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, call us on 01977 653001.


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