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How to Customise Your Composite Door

12 November 2022

At Dempsey Dyer, we supply composite doors to the trade. Composite doors have seen a surge in popularity because they offer inherent strength and durability against tough conditions. They are stronger than uPVC doors because they have a weatherseal that doesn’t allow draughts to enter. However, one of the biggest ways our customers can get creative with their composite doors is through our bespoke service. In this article, we will let you know how customers can create their doors, providing a range of helpful tips.

Composite doors have many customisation options. Let them know that they are available in a range of colours from vibrant to muted. We work with Solidor, which is one of the leading door manufacturers. Their doors are available in a varied selection of colours that can brighten up your customers’ residential property. A popular colour is Anthracite Grey because it is suitable for the style conscious homeowner. With more undertones than a typical blue or grey, it gives plenty of natural light to your property. It has a delicate tone which reflects well in both traditional and modern homes.

Inform your customer that another colour that is increasing in popularity is our Ruby Red range. It stands the test of time because it creates a strong first impression by drawing visitors in. Or, if your customer wants a natural finish to their home, they can choose Duck Egg Blue, which combines soft green and blue, similar to duck eggs. A Chartwell Green colour also works with these doors as it helps create a relaxing atmosphere.

However, inform your customer that it isn’t just colours that can improve their home. At Dempsey Dyer, we offer handles and furniture styles that are suitable for your home. . Whether modern or traditional, there is something that helps your customers’ doors stand out from the competition. For example, this includes the revolutionary Lock Lock handle, which removes the need for the key from the inside. This gives your customer outstanding security protection that will ward off intruders easily.

Your customers’ security will be guaranteed with the ABS Master, which is a strong selling point. The locks are available with an anti-snap protection which creates a forced barrier to entry when intruders try to break into your home. Additionally, let your customer know that the doors come with hardened anti drill and anti pick pins. Alongside a massive £2000 security guarantee, your customer will have confidence that their composite door is one of the most secure on the market.

What’s more, your customer will be able to create every aspect of their door, including handles and knockers. The lockers are available in plenty of colour options, including a Brushed Urn and a Black Chrome Urn. Your customer can enhance their security with a Door Viewer, which includes a spy hole to inspect who is at their door. This is a unique selling point because it is useful to spot potential burglars and keep them safer. The Door Viewer is available in colours such as Chrome, White, and Black.

If your customer wants to take a traditional approach to their composite door, inform them that they can choose from a selection of beautiful handles that complement their home. For example, Solidor offers a traditional Avon Handle, which is available in Black and Pewter. Alternatively, there is a Traditional Forged Pull knocker, which offers an authentic period character to your customer’s residential property.

Another strong selling point about our composite doors is that they are fantastic insulators of both heat and sound. If your customer is living in a loud area, then these doors will reduce loud sounds to a whisper. This can be enhanced by the artistic glass options we offer. Let your customer know that each glass offers a finish with no compromise and security. If your customer is a fashion conscious homeowner, inform them that we have a bespoke range of options that suit their taste and needs. Every customer is unique, and so are their doors. There are many patterned styles to choose from, such as the Prairie, Modena, and Abstract. Your customer has infinite and endless possibilities as they can choose a range of designs that not only look fantastic but keep their home secure for longer.

We hope you have found this article helpful when it comes to telling your customer how to customise their composite doors. We work with some of the leading installers on the market, so your customer can feel confident they will make a solid investment.

If you want more information, our team will offer friendly and impartial advice on everything you need. Give us a call on 01977 649641, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.




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