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What Are the Benefits of uPVC Windows?

16 November 2022

At Dempsey Dyer, we supply uPVC windows for the trade. We believe that uPVC windows are a robust material for your customers’ commercial and residential properties. uPVC has many benefits for your customer, and in this article, we will list some of them and how they will assist your customer.

Your customer will be impressed by the durability that uPVC windows offer. They offer your customer robust protection against the worst weather conditions. This is because the windows come with advanced double glazing as standard, which withstands high winds. Furthermore, this is a unique selling point because the colours we offer are powder coated, so they will not get damaged by rainwater or dirt.

uPVC is a strong material for your customer’s commercial or residential property because it offers outstanding ventilation. Inform your customer that their windows give you excellent airflow, which ensures that they will help them save money on their energy bills. uPVC windows have an exceptionally long lifespan as well, leading to a long term impact on the environment. At Dempsey Dyer, all our windows come with advanced double glazing, which lets natural light into your customers’ commercial or residential property.

At Dempsey Dyer, we offer ways for the customer to completely customise their uPVC windows. Inform them that they are able to choose a bespoke colour of their choice. For instance, a Rosewood Oak colour will give their window a natural and beautiful look to your commercial or residential property. Alternatively, we also offer a White colour which brings in a touch of brightness to your customers’ commercial or residential properties. If your customer is feeling adventurous, they could opt for either Chartwell Green or Rosewood because both are colours that stand out to potential visitors and anyone who sees them.

We offer a dual colour option, where your customer can blend the outside with the inside. This will give them a greater level of personalisation because one colour will be on the outside, while the other will be in the interior. They can even choose from a wide range of glazing patterns for their commercial or residential space.

Another unique selling point is that your customer won’t have to look after their uPVC window very often because they are low maintenance. Let your customer know that the windows are simple to look after. The only thing your customer needs to do is wipe the window with a cloth and soapy water, and it will look as good as new. Our uPVC windows will last for decades because they provide outstanding performance.

If your customer is worried about security, then the uPVC windows that we provide are perfect for their needs. The tough and robust double glazing will help reduce their impact against intruders, ensuring that they will be safe should anyone try to break in. This will be suitable against tough conditions because you can inform your customer that the airtight and watertight seal helps prevent cold air from coming into their property. Let them know that this helps them save money on repairs.

Our selection of windows gives your customer outstanding heat retention because the strong double glazing stops heat from escaping and leaves cold air outside. This is a fantastic selling point as your customer will be able to save lots of money on heating bills that will impact them in winter. Further to this point, the windows offer incredible sound insulation. If your customer is based in a busy area by a roadside or near an airport where the noise could be disruptive, the double or triple glazing will help reduce the sounds substantially. Inform your customer that they will benefit from a quieter space. What’s more, the energy efficient patterns we offer are low emission and come in a wide selection, including floral or ripple patterns. Whatever your customers’ specification is, we have something that is right for them. If your customer desires, then astragal or Georgian bars can be incorporated into their windows to add to their personality options. We offer these styles for both modern and period properties, so there is something suitable for everyone.

Let your customers know that we offer high quality hardware options for the windows, including handles. We work with Deceuninck, who are a leading market installer, to supply a range of colourful handles. Your customer can choose from colours such as Antique Black, Gold, Chrome, or Bronze. This gives them plenty of choices.

We hope that this article has helped you understand the advantages of uPVC windows and why they are suitable for your customer. If you have any questions, get in touch with Dempsey Dyer today. Our friendly team will give you impartial advice, so call us on 01977 649641 to find out more.


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