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How Long Do Timber Windows and Doors Last?

13 January 2023

How Long Do Timber Windows and Doors Last?


If your customer is looking for a natural feel to their home, our wooden windows and doors are a perfect accompaniment. At Dempsey Dyer, we supply modern timber windows to the trade, which are a cost effective option in comparison to uPVC windows. In this article, we will explain ways that your customer can increase the lifespan of your windows and doors.


The Windows and Doors are Weather Resistant


It is a common misconception that timber windows suffer from poor weather conditions. Our modern variation is both weather resistant and watertight, so it will withstand even the worst conditions.   


Our Stormproof timber windows are designed so they do not rust, warp or fade. This is a unique selling point as they give homeowners an authentic appearance that is resistant to the elements. The timber windows offer a low moisture content that stops movement. The windows include a micro porous paint that will give a high quality finish that gives the longevity of your windows.


When you choose a timber door, it is built with sustainability and durability in mind. Your customer will feel very confident because the door has a 7” slope that makes sure that water runs off easily. This ensures your customers’ home won’t suffer from damage.


Timber Has Exceptional Thermal Efficiency

Feel reassured that when your customer chooses our timber doors, they are built for external use. The sashes are 58mm thick, giving your customer incredible glazing options. With this in mind, cold air will be left outside, and their home will be warmer in the long run.


Our timber windows and doors trap natural heat inside your property, saving your customer money on energy bills. All our timber windows are A rated for energy efficiency, ensuring outstanding performance all year long.


Modern Windows and Doors Have A Long Lifespan 


When your customer chooses timber windows, they offer a longer lifespan than you might think. While older windows are a challenge to maintain, our modern variety cuts down this issue. It is imperative that your customer checks the glazing for thermal efficiency. The seals will need to be checked on the windows for leakage and damage.


There is an option to increase the lifespan even further because the windows can be repainted. To do this, repaint the windows every 5 years to ensure it looks fantastic for longer. At Dempsey Dyer, we use Accoya, which is a natural wood that gives unbeatable performance and a beautiful appearance that lasts.


A wooden door has an exceptionally long lifespan because it lasts between 55-65 years. Inform your customer to check their door for any wear and tear. Your customer should do this during the spring and summer to see if there is any flaking paint. Furthermore, your customer should also check the edges of the door because it is a common place for damage to occur.


Check the Seals of the Windows and Doors 


Another way your customer can increase the lifespan of your windows is to check the seals over time. It is common for rust to build on your windows and doors, especially if it comes into contact with moisture. As the rust builds over time, it is imperative that your customer catches it early because it is easier to remove.


Replace Broken Hardware


At Dempsey Dyer, we understand the hardware is crucial to the windows’ appeal. But we also know that it will deteriorate over time with regular use. A window is heavily reliant on its hardware to function properly. We offer replacement hardware, such as handles and seals, which have looked fantastic for many years. If they don’t get replaced, this can lead to further problems over time.


Check the Frame for Damage


One of the most important parts is to check the frame of your window and doors. The first thing your customer should do is wipe it with a damp cloth to get a good look. Check the frame for any warps or cracks which cause moisture damage. It is essential that they get this fixed straight away. Next, check if there are dents in the door, which can occur with repeated usage.  




We hope that this article has helped your customer understand how to keep their timber windows and doors in good condition. The windows and doors will last for many years. However, there are ways for them to increase this. Repainting them every few years will freshen up their look.


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