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How To Tell If Your Windows Are Energy Efficient – And How To Improve It?

11 January 2023

At Dempsey Dyer, we supply timber windows to the trade. Timber windows are known for their energy efficiency, which helps them trap natural heat inside customers’ homes. A thermally efficient window offers many benefits, such as saving money on energy bills. In this article, we will explore how thermally efficient your windows are and how they can be improved. Read on to find out more.

Timber Windows Help the Environment

When you are considering a new window, you want something that will last For years. Wood is a natural insulator of heat, and our modern designs increase its thermal efficiency. Inform your customer that our windows are designed with double glazing. Inform your customer that this offers a strong selling point because the glazing reduces your carbon footprint, helping protect the environment.

Change the Weatherseals

If your customer is looking at increasing the windows’ energy efficiency, changing the weather strips will make the windows warmer. The seals are both airtight and watertight, so your customer can apply them around the edge of the windows. They will keep out cold air, rain, and dirt, resulting in a cleaner window for many years to come.

Nail on weather strips are easy to put on because they are cost effective and easy to install. This means that your customers’ windows will improve in quality.

Weatherstripping has other benefits as well. It creates a massive role in preserving your customers’ home’s warmth and comfort, creating a seal against leaks and draughts.

Timber Windows Bring Floods of Natural Light

As previously mentioned, the windows are installed with double glazing. This will flood your customers’ homes with natural light, keeping your home warmer all year round. It will also save money on your central heating and electricity bills because your customer won’t have to turn on the lights.

Add Blinds to Your Windows

Another way your customer can make their wooden window more thermally efficient is through the use of blinds. Hollow blinds with sealed shutters will help bring more natural light into your property, cutting draughts of cold air. Not only that but the condensation in your windows will be reduced, resulting in a comfortable property.

Add Triple Glazing

Inform your customer that they can have triple glazing installed on their property. Triple glazing involves three sheets of glass and two gaps. This adds an extra layer of heat to your home because these gaps are filled with argon gas, which keeps the windows completely sealed.11

Add Energy Efficient Glass In Your Home

If your customer wants to add energy efficient glass to your home, they can choose low-emissivity glass. Low E glass has a thin coating of metal oxide in the internal services, which reflects natural heat in your home. As a result, cold air will be left outside.

Use Solar Window Film

Another way you can utilise your windows’ energy efficiency is to use solar window film. This can be utilised by applying the film to the windows. It gives your customer strong protection against the wind. And it can be taken off during different times of the year. For example, apply the film in spring and take it off in the autumn. Blocking out the glare of the sun makes the temperature more consistent and warmer all year long. Furthermore, it will reduce your customers’ energy bills, so they can spend money on the things that matter.

Add Storm Windows to Your Home

Here at Dempsey Dyer, you can add storm windows to your property. This will give your windows extra protection against the worst weather conditions. Let your customer know that this will reduce the airflow in your home, cutting both heating and energy costs.


We hope that this article has helped you understand how your wooden windows can become more thermally efficient. Wood is a naturally insulating material that will help make your home warmer. However, let your customer know that your windows should be checked more frequently as wood is more prone to rotting or water damage.

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