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Signs You Need to Replace Timber Windows and Doors

21 February 2022

What are the signs that you need to replace timber windows and doors? If you have wooden windows and doors in your home, then they might already be sending you signals that they might need changing. While these windows and doors have a fantastic, classic look, they do have plenty of drawbacks. Your timber windows and doors will need a lot of regular maintenance and upkeep, and even then they might need repairs after just a few years.

So, what are the signs you’re looking for? One of them could be whether your living space feels cold and uncomfortable, as your wooden windows and doors may be causing this. Another sign might be if condensation is building up on the window, and this could mean that the timber is starting to wear down. And, if your window frames are beginning to crack, twist or even discolour, then their age might be getting the best of them.

At Dempsey Dyer, we can help you replace timber windows and doors if you see any of the signs. We can offer high-quality timber windows for commercial clients, and we can help homeowners get new windows for their property as well. Our timber windows and doors are market-leading, and we use resilient Accoya wood for a high-quality finish. If you’re interested in replacing timber windows and doors, get in touch with us today!

Signs to Replace Timber Windows and Doors

Colder Living Space

If your living space is feeling cold or uncomfortable, then it could be a sign that your timber windows and doors are beginning to struggle. If you have older windows in your property, then they might have single-glazed glass which doesn’t offer a lot of insulation. And, while timber is a natural insulator, the material can begin to wear down over time. Because of this, gaps can emerge within the window and door frames that allow cold air and draughts to rush into your home.

As a result, you should check your timber windows and doors if your home feels cold without you relying on your central heating. Your window might have cracks in the wood, or the whole frame may have warped out of shape. Not only that, the single glazed glass may be struggling, and you could need replacement double glazing as well. Replacing your timber windows and doors, though, ensure that you can make your home warmer and more thermally efficient.

Condensed Panes

Another sign you may need to replace timber windows and doors is condensation. Condensation is a mist that builds up on the glass panels in your windows and doors when hot and cold air clash. Most glass units, including double glazed units, are designed to keep the hot air inside your home and the cold air outside it from colliding. So, when they do, it could be a sign that your timber windows and doors are beginning to wear down.

You should check your timber windows and doors for whether there are any gaps in the sealant. If the sealant in your glass panels has broken, then you’ll need to replace the glazing in your window or door at least. And, while condensation can build up on the inside and outside of your glazing, the best way to stop it is by getting new windows or doors altogether. When you do that, you can enjoy a more durable, weather-resistant window or door that doesn’t have issues with condensation.

Weather Damage

Over time, the signs you need to replace timber windows and doors only get bigger. And, after a while, the signs become too obvious to ignore. One of the main signs is weather damage, which is usually an accumulation of multiple years being exposed to poor weather conditions. Wooden windows and doors struggle in wind and rain, which can cause the timber in your profiles to crack, twist, and warp out of shape.

You should regularly check your timber windows and doors for weather damage, including cracks and gaps in the frame. And, if the profiles have warped out of shape, then you should look to reseal your windows or doors. However, you could replace your timber windows and doors with brand-new designs that have more resistant profiles. With Dempsey Dyer, you could pick uPVC, aluminium and even Accoya timber windows and doors that are much more comfortable in bad conditions.

Replace Timber Windows and Doors with Dempsey Dyer

Spot the signs you need to replace timber windows and doors in your home today with Dempsey Dyer. You can explore our site to see our full range of timber windows and doors, or you can contact our friendly team online. And, if you’re a commercial customer, then start your trade quote to help your customers find the best timber windows and doors to replace their old ones.


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