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The History of Timber Windows and Doors

21 February 2022

What is the history of timber windows and doors? While you might hear people talking about wooden windows and doors as being a ‘traditional’ option, you might not know why wooden windows and doors are the standard. It’s because, over the years, wood has been a reliable material for builders, architects and designers. Not only that, wood has been around and in use for several thousands of years, meaning the history of your windows goes much further back than you may know.

In this article, we’ll teach you about the history of timber windows and doors, and how that history has affected the modern designs you see today. Not only that, you’ll see the designs in a whole new light, and you’ll understand why features of timber windows and doors are the way they are. From there, we’ll see how modern wooden windows and doors are inspired by that history, but go in a new direction. As a result, you’ll get the full picture on timber windows and doors.

With Dempsey Dyer, you can get timber windows and doors that combine tradition and history with innovation and quality. Our timber windows and doors bring period style to your business’s product range, and they can also offer the high-end performance your customers need. Additionally, we can help homeowners find timber windows and doors for their properties, as well. If you’re interested, contact us today or start your trade quote.

History of Timber Windows and Doors

We know that the history of timber windows and doors stretch back thousands of years. In fact, the earliest windows initially appeared in Alexandria, in Egypt at the time of the Roman Empire, around 100AD. However, that’s only when the wooden window had glass added to it, which is when it became a design that we would recognise today. However, the glass that was used was thick and opaque, meaning you couldn’t see very well out of them!

Wooden windows and doors are first defined in the 13th Century, and originates from the Old Norse phrase for wind-eye. Further on, timber sash windows were developed in the Netherlands in the late 17th Century, and these frames were constructed in a similar way than they are today. Beyond that, construction of timber windows and doors evolved with different varieties of wood being uses. Oak was the initial choice, but later mahogany and imported softwoods became more popular.

As a result, the story of timber windows and doors is thousands of years old, and the story has been changed by people from all over the world. Features like sash windows, sash pulleys, box frames and cornices have come and gone, and some of them have stood the test of time. So, if you have old wooden windows and doors in your home, you now may be able to see more of where they came from and how they came to be. Now, though, we’ll see where modern timber windows and doors are today.

Modern Timber Windows and Doors

Modern timber windows and doors take the best of old designs and marry them with the technology of new windows. Inspired by modern uPVC and aluminium windows as much as timber designs, new wooden windows and doors are more durable and more efficient. As a result, you can benefit from improved thermal performance inside your home with new wooden windows and doors. You’ll get advanced double glazing and more resistant profiles that create better insulation for your property.

Another benefit of modern timber windows and doors includes the range of designs you can now choose. Nowadays, companies all over the UK are coming up with unique ways to bring classic timber windows into the modern day for your home. You can find timber sash windows with traditional styles and features, but combined with modern features like advanced multi-point locking systems. Because of this, modern timber windows and doors are as secure and strong as they are stylish.

Even the type of wood in timber windows and doors is still evolving today. You can now get engineered timber profiles, meaning that the timber has been cleverly modified to make it more weather-resistant, meaning wind and rain won’t cause the same level of damage. As a result, you don’t have to regularly maintain modern timber windows and doors like people have had to do throughout history. Because of this, you can enjoy them without much less effort.

Timber Windows and Doors Prices

At Dempsey Dyer, we understand the history of timber windows and doors. Because of this, we know how to create a stunning set of modern timber windows and doors that still look timeless and storied. Our designs use a wide range of wood types, including engineered Accoya timber, and we fit them with both old features like detailed handles and new ones like advanced double and triple glazing. For more information on getting them for your home or your business, contact us or start your trade quote!


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