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Which Window Styles are Most Sustainable?

10 January 2022

Which window styles are the most sustainable? If you run a business, you might have noticed that your customers care a lot more about how the windows they install impact the environment. After all, our climate is becoming more of a hot topic, and global warming is something many businesses and consumers are looking to tackle. Fortunately, Dempsey Dyer is one of them – and, with our range of sustainable windows, we can make you one too.

At Dempsey Dyer, we can offer a wide range of sustainable window styles for your business. We can supply these windows directly to you or get them ready for you to pick up at our trade counter at a time that’s best for you. Our options include market-leading window styles from Deceuninck and Reynaers, and we can offer high-quality timber windows with superb Accoya wood. As a result, all of our windows are thermally efficient, recyclable, and they can help your customers make a positive environmental impact.

With Dempsey Dyer, you’ll make your business more environmentally friendly, too. Our sustainable window styles last longer, meaning less waste, repairs and replacement for your team to deal with. And, as our windows are recyclable and highly durable, you can sell them to your customers as a long-term investment, making them more likely to choose you over your competition. So, if you’d like to find out which window styles are most sustainable, read on below or start your trade quote!

What Makes a Window Sustainable?

Window Glass Styles

A crucial reason why some window styles are more sustainable than others is their glass. In older windows, only one pane of glass was the standard, which often wasn’t enough to prevent heat transfer from making homes cold and uncomfortable in winter and hot and stifling in summer. While most windows use double glazing these days, a standard unit doesn’t produce as much insulation as other options. Standard glass also isn’t as strong or durable as other types like annealed glass, meaning it’s more likely to break and need replacement.

Because of this, all of the window styles we offer to your business will have insulated glass. Insulated glass is brilliant at keeping cold air away and capturing the warm heat inside a building, producing less heat transfer. As a result, your customers can install our window styles knowing that they can stay warmer for longer, helping them save money on their energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint. We offer a wide range of glazing styles, and some of our units have argon gas to reduce heat transfer even further.

Window Material Styles

Another factor that makes some window styles more sustainable is the materials in the design. At Dempsey Dyer, though, we’ve created a range of uPVC, aluminium and high-quality timber windows that are all thermally efficient. Our uPVC range features Deceuninck profiles, among the market-leading options available today. As a result, our uPVC casement windows can achieve an A rating for thermal efficiency, meaning they offer brilliant insulation for homeowners.

We’ve also partnered with Reynaers to supply aluminium windows to your business that are thermally efficient. Although you might think aluminium isn’t an efficient material, we offer windows with thermally broken profiles that trap warm pockets of air, meaning they keep homes warmer for longer. Finally, our timber windows benefit from Accoya wood, a modified timber that is more resistant and durable than older wooden profiles. Accoya windows are also fully recyclable and produce no toxins during manufacturing, while the timber is always sustainably sourced.

Window Design Styles

Even the design of your windows can impact how sustainable they are. For example, flush sash windows have smaller gaps between the glazing and the frame, meaning there’s less space for cold air to get through. With our Stormproof windows, we’ve ensured that these gaps are draught-proof and won’t allow dampness to develop inside the space. As a result, you can offer your customers a window that’s not only thermally efficient but will be for years to come.

Finally, Dempsey Dyer can help if you have a customer who wants a window that meets specific requirements. It’s because we can react to custom orders, and we offer a wide range of glazing options, hardware and more to help them design their dream windows. You can place an order with us for any unique window and still benefit from the short lead times you want and the high standards we expect. No matter the windows you order from us, our window styles have sustainable design at their heart.

Sustainable Window Styles Prices

Contact Dempsey Dyer today if you want to order our window styles and make a sustainable investment in your business. We have a reliable trade supply service that allows you to order sustainable windows quickly and easily. Our designs are recyclable, efficient, and produce no harmful toxins in their manufacturing. Because of this, you can make a positive environmental impact within your business, and you can help your customers do the very same.

Start your trade quote today to see how much you could save as our trade partner, or contact our team to learn more.


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