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Windows & Doors For Environmentally Friendly Homes

4 January 2022

Dempsey Dyer is committed to offering windows and doors for environmentally friendly homes. Because of this, you can order our products as part of your range while providing a greener option to your more eco-conscious customers. When you sell windows and doors, explaining how environmentally friendly designs are more beneficial for your customers is crucial. Not only does that mean that they can be recycled and produce fewer emissions, but this also refers to how they perform.

Nowadays, most homeowners are looking for environmentally friendly windows and doors. That means that companies that aren’t switching to efficient options are starting to be left behind. Fortunately, Dempsey Dyer offers market-leading designs with good energy efficiency, insulation properties and recyclable materials for businesses, helping you build a more sustainable product range. Not only that, we can help you explain how these products are the best option for your customers.

We can offer uPVC, aluminium and high-quality timber windows and doors for environmentally friendly homes. By installing these products, you’ll be able to help your customers make an excellent, long-term investment that allows them to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. And, as a company, you’ll produce less waste, make a positive environmental impact, and attract more customers with high-quality windows and doors such as these. Start your trade quote today if you’re interested in our environmentally friendly designs!

Sustainable uPVC Windows & Doors

Let’s start talking about sustainable windows and doors with our uPVC range. Our designs have efficient Deceuninck profiles, making our uPVC windows are among the most efficient on the market. Our uPVC casement windows, for instance, are A-rated for energy efficiency, meaning they produce low U-values and reduce the amount of heat that escapes a property. Because of this, you can offer your customers a window that keeps them warm all year round and can save them thousands of pounds on their energy bills over time.

Our uPVC doors are environmentally friendly, too. Our range includes Deceuninck 2500 and 2800 profiles across our collection of entrance doors, and we can make whole frame U-value calculations to match any requirements your customers have. We can also offer French, patio and tilt and slide doors as part of our range, all of which have high-quality double glazing as standard. Because of this, less cold air will enter the homes of your customers, helping them use less energy to stay warm.

Sustainable Aluminium Windows & Doors

Some companies say that aluminium windows and doors aren’t environmentally friendly. Aluminium is often seen as an inefficient material, meaning that these windows and doors will allow more cold air into buildings than they should. However, at Dempsey Dyer, we know that’s a misconception. It’s because we offer environmentally friendly aluminium windows and doors that have thermally broken profiles, meaning they can capture more of the natural heat inside a property.

We can offer your business high-quality Reynaers systems as part of our range, all of which are thermally efficient. Not only that, our aluminium windows and doors are highly durable, and they won’t need regular maintenance. As a result, you can offer these designs to your customers as a long-term investment, as the profiles should perform for decades. And, with exceptional thermal performance across our range of windows and doors, you can give your customers the efficient design they’ve been looking for.

Sustainable Timber Windows & Doors

Finally, Dempsey Dyer is proud to supply market-leading timber windows and doors for businesses. While old wooden windows and doors are known for their issues in bad weather and with long usage, our designs work better and for longer. It’s because, with our wide range of Accoya window and door systems, we can offer environmentally friendly windows and doors that are fully recyclable and completely sustainable. Not only that, Accoya lasts so much longer than older designs that we can offer these windows and doors with a 50-year guarantee above ground.

Accoya is an advanced, modified timber that is weatherproof. Because of this, the windows and doors you install for your customers won’t fade or crack over time, meaning they can fit them with confidence. No harmful materials or toxins are produced during the manufacturing process either, and the timber is always obtained from sustainable sources. As a result, our timber windows and doors aren’t just more environmentally friendly than older windows and doors – they perform more effectively, too.

Environmentally Friendly Windows & Doors for Trade

Contact Dempsey Dyer today if you’re a business or trade customer who wants to add environmentally friendly windows and doors to their product range. We can deliver our windows and doors to you or get them ready for pick-up at our trade counter with our reliable trade supply service. We work around your business, meaning you can rely on us to be on hand when you need us most. Additionally, we make a lot of our windows and doors in-house, meaning we can react to custom orders and allow you to provide your customers with bespoke systems.

Why not find out more by contacting our friendly team or starting your trade quote now?


Installers and other businesses can only work effectively if they have a reliable trade supply service – offering the highest performing products. Luckily, here at Dempsey Dyer we only supply the latest options from market leaders. This guarantees quality, performance and durability – regardless of the product choice.


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