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Traditional Aluminium Front Doors

20 May 2021

Looking for a traditional look with modern benefits? Perhaps a traditional aluminium front door is for you. Enjoy a high performance that boasts high security and a multitude of customisable options such as glazing and handles, all of which improve the thermal and security performance of your traditional aluminium front door. Enjoy the traditional style of your new front door, or perhaps spice it up a little? Our aluminium doors are accompanied with a powder coating, giving it that high-quality finish. Choose what look you want for your traditional aluminium front door with our wide selection of RAL colours to choose from. Opt for modern, muted shades or bright and bold colours to make a splash. Whichever you choose, our modern aluminium entrance doors will look and perform their best in any appearance without compromise.

In terms of style, it is very difficult to beat the classics. This is why we have decided to modernise the old, giving you the timeless aesthetic of a traditional door, with the benefits of a modern door. The best of both worlds. Enjoy that traditional look with a selection of our wooden samples such as Accoya, Sapele and European Oak. The timber is laminated, allowing for that beautiful wooden finish without the worry of warping or twisting out of shape or eventual rot due to ageing and weather. Our traditional aluminium front doors are built to last, no matter how traditional they may look.

Available in a range of translucent and opaque finishes. We offer most colour options, but we have our own standard colour range. We even offer samples to allow you to get the best idea of how your door will look. Translucent finishes preserve the natural beauty of your timber front door and windows while opaque resembles the traditional colouring of the past. Utilising our opaque finishes allows you to use our aforementioned RAL colour selection. Have an endless selection of customisable options at your disposal to allow for a truly bespoke door. Our paint system also protects the wood from harmful ultra-violet rays and from water ingress thanks to its microporous structure, which allows excess moisture to escape. Our paint is also flexible meaning it can expand and contract naturally with the timber, allowing you to offer a wooden front door installation that will stand the test of time.

Glazed timber entrance door

Our traditional aluminium front doors are also available in a variety of glazing options. Available in both double and triple glazing, we utilise our glazing for both decorative and thermal benefits. The thermal efficiency provided by the glazing makes these doors a worthwhile investment, thanks to their ability to trap and retain heat, keeping the interior warm and cosy. All this without the need to switch on the central heating, saving you money on the heating bill. Our glazing is also available in a range of styles such as Minster, Satin and Active Neutral, among many. Bring renewed kerb appeal along with improved privacy for your property.

Our traditional aluminium front doors also boast a range of robust and reliable hardware, with a variety of handles available. Colours include Antique Black, Graphite and Gold, among many others. Out your door with a handle to complement the traditional, albeit customised style of your bespoke product. PAS24 locking mechanisms are available to ensure security is a priority.

A key benefit of a traditional aluminium front door is not only the reinvented traditional look, but the invaluable home and building security it will no doubt provide. Designed to give you total peace of mind, our doors are built with security in mind. Incredibly durable and fitted with locking mechanisms, would-be intruders will find themselves intimidated by this immense barrier between you and them – so much so that PAS 24 security and Secured By Design accreditations are achieved. Invest in a traditional aluminium front door for the classic look and the modern strength and durability.

Our traditional aluminium front doors are a perfect choice for those who want the look of old, with the performance of the new. Enjoy a traditional look without any of the traditional setbacks. With a range of customisable options to help tailor your own door to your exact liking, ranging from colours, handles, finishes and glazing. Whilst benefiting from the performance of a modern door such as thermal efficiency and improved property security, all of which can prevent further unnecessary cost, whilst making home life easier and better. Contact us today to find out more about our traditional aluminium front doors or even use our free quoting engine to see for yourself.


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