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What are Wood Effect Windows?

10 May 2021

What are wood effect windows? To put it simply, wood effect windows are uPVC framed windows with the appearance of a timber frame. This means that although they appear wooden, they are in actuality built with a uPVC profile, which is an Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. This means that they are incredibly durable and sport significant life spans. They can weather the worst outdoor conditions and retain their gorgeous look without compromise.

White timber flush sash windowsYou can enjoy the traditional timber look without all the unnecessary upkeep or replacement cost. Wood effect windows allow you to enjoy the look of the old with the benefits of the new, such as thermal efficiency and property security.

Utilising the classic look and the durability of uPVC frames, wood effect doors can come in a variety of styles that are perfect for traditional or heritage homes, maintaining the aesthetic of the buildings. They are also a superb choice for those looking to add a traditional piece to their modern homes to emanate that classic feel. Such styles include:

  • Flush Sash: A minimalistic design outlined with beautiful timber frames that sport high-quality Deceuninck uPVC profiles. Available in a wide range of wood finishes such as Rosewood, Golden Oak, Nut Tree, Chartwell Green, Irish Oak and even Anthracite among many others. These options provide the appearance of natural wood, whilst maintaining the maintenance ease and lack of warping of uPVC. Our popular Heritage (H) shades are extremely durable and even allow a different colour on the interior frame. Our fast-track (F) colours are perfect if you need your flush sash timber look windows quicker.
  • Mock Sliding Sash: Enjoy this classical look marked by its cross-like framing that can add an authentic traditionalist aesthetic to any home. Using the Deceuninck 2800 decorative system we can offer attractive windows that replicate traditional timber with all the innovative advances of modern profiles. Also available in a wide range of wood finishes such as English Oak, Cream White, Heritage White and Black Ash, among many others. Achieve a customised, classic look of the mock sliding sash whilst enjoying the modern benefits.
  • Stormproof: Enhance your property with the panelled look of our Stormproof windows. Enjoy the ability to open multiple panels of the window to allow for maximal airflow without completely exposing your home, allowing for privacy also. Just like the aforementioned styles of wood effect windows, stormproof windows offer a wide range of customisable options to allow you to decide the look of your wood effect window. Utilise a combination of wood finishes to achieve a more unique, wooden look and feel such as Anthracite/Heritage White, Agate Grey/Heritage White and English Oak/Heritage White, among many others.

Our wood effect windows aren’t just available in a wide selection of wood finishes and styles, but they perform brilliantly also. Being thermally efficient, you can be sure our wood effect windows would be a worthwhile investment. Being registered with the BFRC under their window energy rating scheme and boasting an efficient energy rating of A through our Deceuninck profile, our wood effect windows intend to keep you warm. They achieve this through trapping and retaining the heat inside your property, keeping the interior toasty and cosy. This means you can save on the heating bill, as you won’t have to turn on the central heating, saving you money. This is also amplified through our glazing options, allowing ample sunlight to shine through, whilst keeping the heat in.

Timber Stormproof windows

Another key aspect of our wood effect windows’ performance is the invaluable security they provide to any property they are installed in. With patent-pending internally developed robust jointing mechanism – each corner and locking point meets 7KN in tests. We also utilise stainless steel corner bracket for extra integrity and shootbolt multipoint locking mechanisms. We do our utmost best and beyond to ensure that our wood effect windows not only look authentically classic but perform authentically modern. Feel safe and secure with our wood effect windows, as any would-be intruder is effortlessly foiled by the intimidating security of these windows.

Wood effect windows, to put it simply are uPVC windows with the appearance of timber-framed windows. In actuality, they are much more than that. Donning the timeless aesthetic of wooden windows, you get a window that is thermally efficient and improves your home security, being a worthwhile investment for any property looking to enhance its performance. On top of this, you can wholly customise your wood effect window without fear of having to maintain upkeep or worry about replacements, as the durability and lifespan allows you to enjoy a window that will not only look good but perform well. To find out more contact us today or use our free quoting engine!



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