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uPVC vs Aluminium Bifold Doors

22 July 2021

Are uPVC or aluminium bifold doors better for businesses? If you offer home improvements, having the right product range makes a big difference between you and your competition. It’s especially true for bifold doors, which are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. With uPVC and aluminium options available, homeowners have more choices than ever.

However, there are some key differences between uPVC and aluminium bifold doors. While uPVC bifold doors perform well in cold weather, operate smoothly and are weatherproof, they aren’t as durable, secure and robust as doors with aluminium frames. Aluminium bifold doors are one of the strongest home improvements on the market, and their stunning metallic sheen makes their colours shine for decades to come.

It’s why, at Dempsey Dyer, we’re proud to offer not uPVC but aluminium bifold doors for trade companies. We supply the Reynaers CF 68 bifolding door system, a design that is market-leading in every way. Doors like these have a high-quality profile, a smooth folding opening, and a choice of unique glazing options and customisable hardware. And, as a Dempsey Dyer trade partner, you can offer your customers custom orders on short lead times.

uPVC vs Aluminium Bifold Doors – Efficiency

One of the main benefits of uPVC bifold doors is their efficiency. With a uPVC design, these doors reduce the heat that escapes homes and the cold air that passes through. Because of this, you can offer doors that save money for your customers, creating a better long-term investment for your clients. However, with aluminium bifold doors, you could make an even bigger impact.

Because aluminium is a robust, air and water-tight material, there’s even less space for cold air to pass through these doors. As a result, they can improve heat retention and even soundproofing, meaning they offer greater performance across the board. And, with the increased durability of aluminium, these bifold doors can perform for a lot longer than their uPVC counterparts.

At Dempsey Dyer, we can also help your business offer market-leading bifold doors. Our aluminium bifold doors can come with unique glazing options obscured for added privacy and triple glazing for added efficiency. Because of this, your customers can make their homes as efficient as they’d like them to be. Not only that, they’ll get their doors quickly thanks to Dempsey Dyer’s streamlined trade supply system.

uPVC vs Aluminium Bifold Doors – Security

uPVC and aluminium bifold doors can both give homeowners the peace of mind they crave. With both materials being robust and resilient, these doors can help improve the security of homes and commercial buildings. Not only that, the hardware inside uPVC and aluminium bifold doors, such as shootbolts and multi-point locking systems, all play a role in keeping homeowners safe from burglars and intruders.

However, the difference between these two materials is stark. Although uPVC is fairly durable, it’s nothing compared to the inherent strength of aluminium. Aluminium is a precious metal, meaning that it’s stronger than uPVC and lasts longer as well. While uPVC bifold doors can last for around 30 years, aluminium bifold doors could perform for up to half a century – without regular maintenance!

Dempsey Dyer’s aluminium bifold doors also have market-leading security features. And, with the option of a low-threshold, these doors can be anti-crowbar while also being accessible for wheelchair and pushchair users. By choosing these doors to be part of your product portfolio, you’ll give your clients the peace of mind that they deserve.

uPVC vs Aluminium Bifold Doors – Customisation

Both uPVC and aluminium bifold doors are customisable. As a result, homeowners can pick and choose the parts they want to create a unique design to suit them. However, it’s how long these designs last that makes a difference. Although uPVC bifold doors can perform well for years to come, aluminium bifold doors keep their colours longer.

One of the reasons that Dempsey Dyer’s doors are so durable is that they come with high-quality powder coated finishes. Powder coating makes the colours far more long-lasting than standard options, and you can choose any RAL colour for our doors. Because of this, you can offer your clients limitless possibilities for their homes. Our aluminium bifold doors also have a metallic shine that allows their choice to stand out on any street.

Not only do homeowners benefit from this, but our aluminium bifold doors benefit your business too. By working with Dempsey Dyer, you’ll have more flexibility in how you order and supply your range. Our streamlined trade supply service works around you, making it easier to get special orders when you need them. Make your business fast and reactive to any needs with a trade supplier that’s as responsive as any.

uPVC vs Aluminium Bifold Doors with Dempsey Dyer

Don’t settle for uPVC – choose aluminium bifold doors from Dempsey Dyer for your business today and give homeowners their dream doors.

You can contact us today by calling our team on 01977 648 641 or starting your trade quote.


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