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What Are Composite Doors Made Of?

6 August 2021

What composite doors are made of changes depending on the design. Composite doors blend several materials together in their design, meaning you get the best of them all. In most composite doors, you get weatherproof materials protecting a solid core in the middle from wind and rain. However, what composite doors are made of isn’t a clear-cut answer.

At Dempsey Dyer, for example, we offer two distinct kinds of composite doors. Firstly, we offer the composite doors you’ll probably know best – designs with a solid timber core. Supplied by Solidor, these designs have a durable construction and authentic wooden look, meaning they achieve the feeling of classic doors while performing like modern ones. However, we also offer composite doors with an insulating foam core, meaning you can find other designs.

So, what composite doors are made of depends on what you’d like to offer for your customers. However, Dempsey Dyer can offer both solid timber composite doors and designs with foam cores for your business. You’ll be able to order in quickly, with fast turnaround times and the capacity for custom orders. And, with our reliable supply and delivery service, you’ll be able to react to your needs quickly and responsively with our composite doors.

What are Timber Composite Doors Made Of?

What are our timber composite doors made of? Supplied by Solidor, our composite doors with timber cores have a 48mm timber construction. This is 10% thicker than most composite door designs, meaning the doors we offer your business will have more strength and durability than the competition. Not only that, these doors have 100% fully recycled frame reinforcing, meaning these doors are strong while also being sustainable.

Additionally, timber composite doors are known for being a secure design. The 48mm core makes the doors impact-resistant, making it harder for burglars and intruders to break the entrance down. Not only that, we make sure these doors come with a secure multi-point locking system as standard. As a result, you’ll be able to offer your customers a highly secure front or back door that gives them total peace of mind.

Timber composite doors also have a classic look that few other doors can match. While old timber doors look fantastic for a few years, they begin to lose their looks and fade away, meaning maintenance is needed to keep the doors looking good. However, Solidor’s timber composite doors can last for decades without regular upkeep. And, with 20 colours for internal and external view available with Dempsey Dyer, you can give your customers the door of their dreams.

What are Foam Core Composite Doors Made Of?

So, what are foam composite doors made of? Composite doors with a foam core have an inner core of CFC free insulating foam in their design. The core is surrounded by a highly durable fibreglass outer skin which is bonded to composite rails, and a timber inner frame provides extra strength. At Dempsey Dyer, we offer composite foam core doors with an outer uPVC frame from Deceuninck that has a 44mm high performance composite blank as well.

Because of this, foam really can be as strong as timber! And, when it comes to keeping your customers safe, these foam composite doors won’t let homeowners down. A three point dead-bolt locking system comes in our doors as standard, and there’s an additional mortise lock for further protection. And, much like our timber composite doors, these doors can achieve Secured by Design standards (with optional laminated glass) and PAS 23/24 standards.

While these composite doors may not have an authentic timber look, they still look superb for homes and commercial buildings. The uPVC outer frame can come in a range of colours, and there’s a myriad of glazing options we can offer as well. Dempsey Dyer’s reliable trade supply system means you can make custom orders for both timber and foam composite doors, meaning you can allow your customers to personalise their design! So, it doesn’t matter what composite doors are made of – we can supply them to your company with ease.

What are Dempsey Dyer Composite Doors Made Of?

At Dempsey Dyer, we offer composite doors that are made of both timber and foam. As a result, you get more choice for your business, and you can craft a more broad product range. However, we also pride ourselves on offering flexibility for our trade partners. It’s why you can either get our composite doors delivered to your address, or you can pick them up from our trade counter. We work the way you do, and not the other way around.

Dempsey Dyer has been a trade supplier for over 35 years, and our experienced team will always be on hand to help. With our fast service, you can react to the changing needs of your business quickly and without any worries. Not only that, Dempsey Dyer is proud to be able to create custom orders, meaning you can offer your customers the chance to make unique composite doors for their home. It’s why our composite doors for trade suppliers are made of more than just the materials they come in.

If you’d like to add our solid timber or foam core composite doors to your product range, why not get in touch with our team today? You can find out more about what are composite doors made of by calling our team on 01977 649 641, filling in our online contact form, or starting your online trade quote!


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